Friday 11th January

Happy New Year everyone! It’s good to be back.

We asked the children what they had enjoyed about this week. Beltina was excited about using SketchIO to paint online. Alex has found Bill’s New Frock (our class novel) very entertaining, and Demi Leigh has been fascinated by the science of sound and by the shape of animals’ ears. Gledia said that she enjoyed Mr Spink’s lesson about bottled water because it helped her to learn how to help take care of our planet. Rewan’s favourite lesson was when he learned how to sign his name using British sign language. Leyana’s highlight of the week was learning to use Google Sheets to play bingo, and Harvey and Aayah really enjoyed making a PicCollage to explain what they are thankful for. We are thankful for a really lovely class.

Our favourite moment of the week is when we agreed that Aaron should be Learner of the Week. He has made an exceptional start to 2019. He is full of enthusiasm for learning and this has helped him to make excellent progress in maths lessons and in particular with instant recall of multiplication facts. We have also been really pleased with Harvey’s progress on Symphony Maths. He has earned 1073 points and has completed 657 tasks since he started using the program. Yunus and Faheem are the Sumdog Superstars, and Tyreece and Gledia are the Lexia Legends for this week. Zain will need a special prize for getting to the end of level 18. This rarely happens in Year 4.

Please let us know if you would like a printed copy of this week’s homework.

WK1 10.1.19 Homework grid

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 14th December

Hi everybody

Miss Mason and Mr Moore haven’t been very well this week so I offered to help them by writing the blog today.

This week in Y4MM we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. The spirit of Advent has inspired us, and we have been learning the Christmas carols for the service at St John’s church on Tuesday.

On Wednesday 4MM went on a trip to the Leeds City Museum. If you ask me, we had an amazing time, we saw lots of sights and we created our own brilliant Roman mascot for our class.

I hope you all enjoyed looking round the Y4 Roman museum that we set up in school today. I also hope you enjoyed watching us battle the Iceni and druids. Everybody was amazing and Ethan never let go of our precious standard. Did you hear us shout “Roma victor”?

Learner of the Week is Gledia. She sets a great example to us every single day. Do you know how much Miss Mason and Mr Moore rely on her? Gledia makes them very proud.

Lexia Legends are Enzo, Asonat and Aayah. TT Rock Star for this week is me!

Have a great weekend.


Friday 7th December

Hi everyone

It’s been a week full of victories for Y4.

On Monday we proved that we were experts in electricity by adding a motor to a circuit and then turned it into a fan by adding a cardboard blade. Knowledge and learning was consolidated in a very cool way.

The battle against the druids and Iceni on Wednesday brought us glory, honour and, of course, victory. Despite being outnumbered, our 4th legion led by Ethan our centurion, fought with great bravery and discipline. The enemy was crushed and legends were born.

When we came to record the story of the battle, Asonat stood out by writing her recount with an impressive level of independence and clarity. Ethan and Rewan displayed more superb story telling skills when they wrote about the wise men’s visit to the baby Jesus. Precise punctuation, detail, description and emotion made their work stand out amongst many great pieces of writing.

The names of Alex, Beltina, Cohen, Ethan, Layth, Rewan and Zain were written into our Spelling Hall of Fame this week for their perfect scores of 10/10 in their spelling tests.

Somehow we’ve managed to fit in time to complete assessments for this term. The results of the grammar and reading tests are outstanding. It seems that our pupils are pretty good mathematicians too.

Today we discovered that we had beaten 16 classes to win the Leeds Sumdog competition and Layth was 7th out of 420 students. Kings of the kennel!

Learners of the Week are Ethan and Rewan for their attitudes and achievements. We can rely on them for effort, for engagement, for resilience and for taking the opportunity every day to make this an especially successful and memorable year.

Sumdog Superstars are Layth and Yunus for accuracy and learning time. Lexia Legends are Tyreece and Edward.

Next Wednesday we will be visiting the City Museum. Please let us know if you are able to accompany us.

On Friday afternoon we hope that parents, friends and families will be able to join us to help our class celebrate so very many triumphs.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

The Romans are coming!

Some people say that Allerton CE Primary School is built on or near the site of an old Roman camp. Some people claim to have heard the sound of marching Roman soldiers in the middle of the night. Today, the site was revisited by Roman soldiers, druids and Iceni warriors and could be seen through the autumn mists and rain.

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Friday 30th November

Hola everyone

This week we’ve started Spanish lessons.  Can you tell?  With great help from Enzo, we have been learning the Spanish names for parts of the body.  All of Y4 were really enthusiastic and will no doubt make rapid progress thanks to Enzo’s expertise and incredible ability to translate and communicate through English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The countdown to Christmas began on Tuesday afternoon when Y4 visited Moortown Baptist Church.  Our journey through awful weather was definitely worthwhile.  As well as learning about the story of the birth of Jesus from the viewpoints of different characters in role, the children made some beautiful candleholders.  Today, Mr Sherbourne, one of the organisers of the event, said that every member of the church team wanted us to know that the children from Allerton CE Primary set an example with behaviour that couldn’t be matched by any other school.  We are very pleased but not at all surprised.

Today we finished painting our shields so at least we will have them to protect us when we go into battle next week but we must make sure that we bring in some extra warm clothing on Tuesday and Wednesday, as it could be very cold and muddy.  Victory will come easily if we see the same determination that the legionaries put into their writing task this week.  When we wrote instructions about how to make shields Aaron, Zain, Alana, Annie and many other of our troops made us immensely proud with their endeavour, achievement and attention to detail.

Harvey and Aaron were a super Science team on Monday when we investigated what would happen to a light bulb if we added an extra battery to the circuit. They made their circuit easily, carried out their test effectively and recorded their observations clearly. Leyana, Sienna, Alana and Beltina, who created circuits to make mini Christmas tree lights, also impressed us with their keenness to investigate and create.

Zain is top of the charts once again for Lexia units (37), closely followed by Alliyah (35). Layth is our Sumdog Superstar. He answered 831 questions correctly today in the Leeds Sumdog competition and we are at the top of the leaderboard tonight. #kingofthekennel

Learners of the Week

We have chosen Enzo to be one of our Learners of the Week, not only for being such a great teacher of Spanish, but also for his positive attitude and hard work in every lesson this week. The growth in his confidence and contentment make us very happy.

Annie is also a Learner of the Week.  She probably knows that she could be chosen every week and so she’s shown that we can add ‘patient pupil’  to her long list of attributes.  Annie puts effort into everything and makes the most of every moment at ACE.  Her behaviour is always perfect, and she is always incredibly supportive towards her classmates and her teachers too!

Thank you to all those children who are showing that they want to do more than is needed, more than is asked and more than is expected.  Alliyah, Aayah and Thandeka have been helping to plan the Collective Worship assembly on Monday which they will lead.  Davina has been working on how she can encourage more girls to become interested in computer coding, and Alana and Faheem have helped to write this week’s blog.

Have a great weekend everyone

Miss Mason and Mr Moore


Friday 23rd November

Hi everyone

Our plans for shields were put into practice on Monday when we worked with Matthew. He showed us how to transform a sheet of foamboard into a tough defensive weapon by using pieces of paper tape, glue and water. Daisy worked with great care and will have no worries about whether her shield will stand up to an attack.

We have been dividing (and conquering) in all our maths lessons this week. Many children have found this topic a lot less scary than it used to be due to the improvement in their knowledge of times tables. Aaron really pleased us by tackling his work with no problem and by showing confidence in his ability to succeed. Hard work is paying off.

Next week we will find out if the children have been successful in the job applications for work in Ancient Rome. The whole class put massive effort into this task in which they has to make notes, write, edit and redraft their reasons as to why they would be the perfect match for the Empire’s employment opportunities.

The concept of incarnation has been our RE focus. We have talked about interesting ideas and discussed complex concepts, which are at the centre of Christian belief.The responses of the children prove that they are capable of considering and contemplating some very deep questions. Adrika’s contributions to conversations, her answers to some very big questions and her written work really impressed us.

Gledia did a fabulous job today when she pretended to be Miss Mason for Takeover Day. The classroom atmosphere was the same as ever: beautifully calm but also busy and productive. Thank you Gledia for being a fantastic pupil and also a fantastic teacher too.

Please click on the link to see the homework for this week.


+ a Sumdog competition.

Sumdog Superstars are Faheem and Annie for the amount of time that they have put in and for the number of correct answers. Lexia Legends are Zain with 53 units and Davina who earned 38 units.

Learners of the Week

Tyreece was virtually giving off sparks today when he told us about what he knew about electricity, and he wrote his job application with great care and independence. His behaviour is always excellent. Tyreece has also achieved his Lexia targets for every week that he has been in Y4. Well done and congratulations to Tyreece. We are immensely proud of you.

Out of all the pupils at ACE, Aayah is probably the one who smiles the most. She probably also receives more smiles than anyone in school. Aayah is considerate, kind and she always has a positive attitude, which is incredibly contagious. She gives maximum effort when working and shows us that every moment of every day should be appreciated. Thank you so much Aayah.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore


Friday 16th November

Hi everyone.

During the week in 4MM we have learned about the importance of Remembrance Day.  Also, we had our class Assembly.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.  Mr Moore spoke to us about e-safety and then we played a game that teaches us how to be safe on the internet.  On Thursday we marched to stop bullying from happening.

We have chosen Adrika to be Learner of the Week because she has earned a lot of Lexia units and she has shown resilience and teamwork, but everyone has worked really hard in our class so we should all be proud of ourselves.

by Davina

Thank you Davina for writing part of the blog. We love your enthusiasm and keenness to help.

Preparations for the battle against the Celts and Druids continued in earnest this week. We painted some of our eagle amulets and our legionaries wrote letters to their loved ones back in Rome. It takes 17 days to walk to Rome so the battle will be over before the letters arrive! On Monday 4MM will be making shields to protect themselves but this week we looked at how Emperor Hadrian protected his empire. Aayah, Alliyah, Layth and Faheem researched and shared information very effectively.

No place like home or no place like Rome? We put this to the test by finding out about the annual weather forecasts for Rome and Leeds.  After looking at rainfall, temperature and hours of sunshine, we decided where we would like to be on our birthdays.  Layth made one of many wise choices this week.

Well done to Adrika.  We are really pleased with her effort and progress. Not only has she has earned 46 Lexia units, she has also impressed us with her excellent attitude in writing and maths lessons. This week we’ve decided that we need to choose two Learners of the Week. So, congratulations to Layth for showing us just how brilliant he can be. #veryhappyteachers

Zain is Lexia Legend for his 63 units and our Sumdog Superstar is Tyreece for answering 702 questions in 7 days.

Homework is posted on Google Classroom and a Sumdog times tables challenge has been set.

Thanks to everyone in 4MM for contributing to a wonderful week and for supporting Anti Bullying and Children In Need with such enthusiasm and generosity.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason and Mr Moore