Monday 18th April

Starting our Arts and Literacy project with Mrs Johnston was a terrific way to begin the new term. As I promised, our day was full of surprises and packed with creative activities. I shall be writing a daily blog for the next two weeks as I know I will have so much to say, perhaps even as much as Subhaan!

Our day began with an introduction to Mrs Johnston. She seems to share our ethos. She reminded us that we are responsible for our words and actions. It is up to us to make the world a better and more beautiful place. If we love learning we need to be ready to jump into ‘the pit’. It is all up to us.

We were definitely in the pit during our first activity. The children were given pieces of a very unusual picture which they had to fit together whilst explaining their thinking and reasoning. After completing the jigsaw, Y4 had to write a simple three sentence story about the image. Surprisingly, this turned out to be quite a difficult task for some children, but Malakhi and Alina should be proud of their work as they showed that they knew what should be included in high quality writing. She may be shocked to hear this but Stella impressed both Mrs Johnston and I most of all, by fighting her way out of ‘the pit’ and showing determination to aim high.


Today we also worked with Mrs Johnson (look carefully – there’s no ‘t’) to express our ideas through dance and movement. She was absolutely delighted by my class and was particularly impressed by how well the boys responded. Well done fellas! Come on girls, you can’t let her be fooled so easily!


Our afternoon passed as quickly as the morning. Art and story telling tasks kept us very busy. There was a terrific amount of creative thinking going on as well as exceptionally carefully drawing, and of course a lot of laughter. The children combined painting and drawing to turn thumb prints into images of different objects, they added their own illustrations and a sense of purpose to random drawings made by other pupils, and they learned to draw an eye realistically.

The day finished with shared story telling using the shared drawing as inspiration and stimulus. I was delighted by Caitlyn’s contribution, Alina showed she’s not as shy as she likes to pretend, Jack H is very patient, Megan can improvise and Subhaan can talk and talk and talk and talk …..

Star of the Day is Malakhi. Well done. You have no idea how proud I am that Mrs Johnston has learned who you are for the best reasons.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Plenty of learning and plenty of fun ahead. Guaranteed.

Mr Moore


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  1. I did like your story Subhaan though I have got to admit that you did go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!

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