Friday 18th November

Hi everyone

Our Science them for this half term is electricity. I decided it would feel like cheating if we used a battery to light a bulb so my class managed to make our own electricity instead.  It was a ‘wow’ moment but the downside is that the classroom still smells of vinegar.


Learning to write computer code is a very important part of the curriculum. It encourages creativity, problem solving and logical reasoning. Faizan was struck by a moment of genius thinking when we were programming with Scratch at Allerton High School on Thursday. In only a few seconds he worked out how to change the code in his game to make it into a multiplayer game.

One of my favourite days of the year is Takeover Day. Today I was assisted by four extra Mr Moores; Leo, Laila, Oscar and Ismail. They were absolutely brilliant, way better than me and also less expensive than me. Please don’t tell Mrs Stott! Leo and Laila helped Chayse and Aliyah to produce their best handwriting ever, and they also captured lots of great video clips and photographs throughout the day. In the afternoon session Ismail and Oscar challenged the class to solve programming puzzles using the CargoBot app on the iPads. It was a tough task but the mini Mr Moores were really helpful, patient and encouraging. They also helped to mark the homework and worked with some children to review and correct errors in their work. I’m looking forward to hearing about how all the other children in my class who took over the roles of staff got on today. I’ve already heard great reports about Paarshva (Mr Spink) who was hugged by his pupils at the end of the day.

I have to say a special thanks to Leo though. He was not only a great teacher/colleague; his Mr Moore costume was absolutely magnificent too. I know he’s been Learner of the Week already this term but I’m going to choose him again. My other choice is Melika. I cannot believe how much more confident she has become in such a short space of time. Due to her constant hard work she is making progress in all areas and what pleases me most of all is that she seems really happy. She’s worked out that by listening carefully, trying hard and behaving brilliantly she is guaranteed a great year in Y4.

Homework: both pages on prepositions in the English books plus Maths addition worksheets. Well done to Shams for always doing more than is asked. I also want to thank Aisha for bringing her iPad to school to make sure that she could use Lexia at home. Mr Magnall and I were delighted to be able to help.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Moore (the real one)



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