Friday 3rd February

Hi everyone.

The first thing you need to know is that it is our Class Assembly on Wednesday.  Please attend if you able and bring earplugs if you have some.  We’ll be showing off some of the musical instruments that we been making out of junk materials and we’ll be sharing some of the secrets of the science of sound.  I would like to thank Shams, Isaac and Leo for helping to plan and organise our Assembly. They can take the credit if it turns out to be a triumph, and I’ll take the blame if it’s a disaster.

Learning about creation stories has really interested Y4.  We’ve heard about what Jewish, Christian and Muslim people believe, and we’ve also heard what scientists say. My pupils were amazed but also pleased to see that there is so much agreement amongst such difference.  Don’t be surprised if your child asks you for some answers though.  My head is still spinning from the questions that were asked by Matthew, Leo and Daniel as well as many others.

Maisie Day 7

Brilliant progress from Melika and Aisha with spelling this week plus both of them have been at the top of the Sumdog leaderboard for the number of questions answered.

Learners of the Week are Niall and Ashley.  Niall has put lots of effort into his writing recently and he has shown similar focus and concentration in all subjects this week.  Ashley has been a massive help to me this week.  Not only have I been able to rely on him getting on with his work sensibly, he has looked for extra responsibilities and opportunities to make my job easier.  I love it when my boys step up and show such maturity, determination and kindness. Congratulations gentlemen.

Oh, that’s reminded me.  Mrs. Carter tells me that I am the luckiest teacher in school because I have Daniel and Leo in my class.  She was wowed by their ability to create a ‘green screen’ video which was used in the Y3 Assembly but what impressed her most of all was their manners, patience and positive attitude.  This did not surprise me at all but pleased me a lot. Congratulations gentlemen, again.

Homework: Maths division and multiplication facts plus English book page 28 + 29 (past tense with ‘have’).

Next week: Maths Week, Internet Safety Week, Assembly Week, last week before the holiday. There’s so much to remember I’m feeling weak.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Moore

2 thoughts on “Friday 3rd February

  1. Best assembly EVER everyone!! I think the parents wanted to stand up and give you a standing ovation but we didn’t want to embarrass you. I learnt loads. Great job, well done.

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