Friday 11th May

Hello everyone

We’ve had a very productive and positive week despite it being shorter than usual.

Thank you to Miss Linsley for taking the class to Alwoodley Tennis Club on Tuesday afternoon, and thank you to Miss Linsley again for telling me that everyone behaved brilliantly and had a great time.

I am really pleased by the progress of the extended Big Write that we started on Wednesday. The children wrote the first chapters of their Viking sagas. Jessica, Susan, Ramtin, Rhys, Kyron, Ronnie, Benjamin, Fatimah, Stella, Harley, Hamza, Euanson, Sonny and Singher have all made a heroic start to the tale. Their bold language, fearless sentence starters and their brave punctuation makes me think that they might be able will complete this quest. Next week I am sure that many other children will be added to the list of legendary storytellers.

I think that almost everyone has now mastered how to use coordinates to find a point on a numbered grid. Thanks to Euanson for his tips on how we can remember to find the x before the y coordinate. Go along the corridor then up the stairs.

Food chains were the theme for our Science lesson this week. We hit a stumbling block almost immediately when the children told me that they didn’t know what a chain was even though they could say how a chain might be used. Fortunately, I had a huge metal chain in my cupboard of everything so I was able to explain was a chain was in a practical way. Thank you to Arman for not complaining too much when I used the chain to make him my prisoner for a brief time.

Today I gave the children a really simple job. Each child had to hold a couple of chocolate buttons for me. It was a test of their patience, self-discipline, restraint and tolerance. Arman was the first to crack. After only a few minutes he could resist no longer and scoffed the chocolate. I think it was his revenge for chaining him up. Actually, the lesson was really a test of my forbearance. I too had to have patience, self-discipline, restraint and tolerance, mixed up with lots of forgiveness as no buttons were returned. Only Andrea, Singher and Evie Rae were successful in the challenge but sadly I didn’t get the chocolates back as they had melted them. Oh well. I think we all learned something.

Learners of the week are Guzal and Deacon. I have chosen Guzal for super listening skills, extra focus and excellent progress in Maths. Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Bentley and I have all been very impressed by her determined and positive attitude. Deacon has been chosen for improved handwriting, for enjoying reading, for the effort he has put into all his work and for his politeness, kindness and gentleness.

The homework focus for English is the soft and hard ‘c’ sound, and in Maths the children should complete the page on coordinates. Spellings will be uploaded to Google Classroom on Sunday, and they will be printed on Monday. Well done to Liam for being a Homework Hero. He is always super keen to make sure he continues learning at home.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

8 thoughts on “Friday 11th May

  1. Mr Moore I do know what a chain is it is tips of rope that connects together it can be metal string or grass?

  2. Hi! I want to say thanks to Mr Moore for getting our new IPads and well done to Evie-Rae,Singher and Andrea for winning the chocolate challenge and for never giving up.

  3. Thank you Mr.Moore for all you do for us. I hope the rest of the class realises that. Thanks again for the new iPads. Remember that you are the one of the best teachers!

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