Friday 25th May

Hi everyone

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to complete some of the tasks that I had planned for this week. If it were up to me, I would cancel the holiday. Not because we have so much more still to do, but because we are having so much fun and loving learning.

I’d like to start this week’s roundup with sharing the outstanding musical talents of Singher and Euanson.

This week Ramtin, Hamza, Jessica and I formed a Garageband band. I taught them how to use major and minor chords to make simple songs. At the moment we’re a guitar group but we plan to find a drummer and a lead singer next term. We’re negotiating right now with Singher and Euanson to see if they will agree to be our keyboard players. However, even though we’ve not even recorded our first album, I’m a bit worried that Ramtin’s going to realise he’s incredibly talented and then split from the band. Yesterday I set the children the task of composing some music using Garageband to use as a backing track for their Viking saga. Ramtin created a piece in E minor, exported it to iMovie, added the writing he had done by importing the Key Note file from his Google Drive, and then looped the music to fit the movie. Ramtin then posted his work to the assignment on Google Classroom. If this sounds a bit complicated and clever, it’s because it is; and it sounds great too.

MyMiniMaths tasks are really helping to improve fluency and confidence with arithmetic skills. It is a great website to use if you want to do extra homework.

Homework for the holidays: antonyms crossword and a writing task (English), and a worksheet on using a calendar (Maths). As usual, I will set Sumdog challenges, assessments and contests, and please try to make sure that Lexia usage targets are met.

Learners of the Week are Ramtin and Andrea. Ramtin has been an exceptional example to everyone this week through his eagerness to work and help as much as he can, and for simply being exceptional. Progress is why I have chosen Andrea. Not only is her confidence in Maths improving rapidly, she is also making terrific steps forward in writing and with reading comprehension.

Enjoy the break

Mr Moore

PS Happy birthday Kyron.

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