Friday 22nd June

Hi everyone

Dylan Mottley Henry, a professional football player came to visit us today. He gave us some great coaching tips and got everybody involved in some fun training drills. I was really pleased that Dylan went out of his way to remind the children about how important it is to work hard at school. Clever in the classroom + brilliant with the ball + determination = unbeatable.

We had more fun than is probably allowed at school when we made our own posters from Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. We placed our own heads in the picture and gave it a personalised caption. My favourite was ‘When Harley discovered there was no wi-fi at Brownie Camp’.

Our writing focus this week was to look at some of the reasons for and against keeping orcas in captivity. When the children write their arguments in full next week I’m sure that they will be passionately and powerfully persuasive.

We are revising Maths topics at the moment and I was very pleased with how much some children have managed to remember. Susan scored 44 out of 45 on a test of all Year 4 objectives, Singher got 43 and Ramtin was third with 41. There has been excellent progress from many others, especially Arman, Lubaya, Evie Rae, Naza and Abigail.

Learners of the Week are Andrea and Kyron. Andrea has been chosen very recently but her effort and progress is relentless. Summer holidays haven’t started yet and Andrea intends to keep working hard right until the last minute of the last day. I have chosen Kyron for having one of his fabulous weeks. Every week is good but this week he has been bubbling with enthusiasm, optimism and energy. His positive attitude has really helped to keep us all smiling during assessment week.

Have a great weekend

Mr Moore

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