Friday 29th June

Hi everyone

I’ll start with the best news this week; Y4DM will become Y5MJ next year. I am so pleased that Miss Judge will be taking care of my class next year. Her wonderful calmness and immaculately tidy classroom will be a beautiful and well-earned contrast for my pupils. However, they won’t be totally free of my influence next year, as I will be teaching them for at least one or two lessons in Computing and Philosophy.

Well done to everyone for not melting during Sports Day practice today. Everyone managed to keep their cool despite constant annoyance from tiny, flying insects. Some children in Birkdale looked like their yellow T-shirts were a dot-to-dot pattern waiting to be completed.

I was delighted and incredibly proud of the Big Write that the children produced this week. They wrote letters to protest about orcas being kept in sealife centres. Their anger and sadness produced powerful writing that really showed the progress that they have made this year.  Liam, Naza, Susan, Ramtin, Hamza, Abigail, Deacon, Olaseni, Benjamin, Sonny and Stella, in fact, everyone tried harder than ever before to do their very best work.  No one gave anything less than 100% but I just had to send Jess to Mrs. Potter for proving that giving more than 100% is possible.

MyMiniMaths tasks are having a really strong impact in improving arithmetic skills in Y4. The children have become much more confident in using written methods for all four maths operations. Singher has been an unbeatable mathematician this week. Her score of 40 out of 40 on the end of year test and her ability to explain how to divide with 2 digits proved that she is more than ready for Y5.

Thanks so much to Lubaya, Lilly Anna, Harley and Fatimah, who put a huge amount of energy and effort into preparing our stall for the Summer Fair. Many other children got involved and helped with the project but without their enthusiasm and help we would have had no stall at all. Way back in September my class showed that they were fascinated by our study of how materials can be solids, liquids, gases and also a state of matter somewhere in between; plasma. The craze for creating slime has continued all year with many children showing their keenness for Chemistry by teaching/forcing their parents to create slime in the kitchens all over Alwoodley, Moortown and as far away as Birmingham. Despite spending several million pounds on supplies for our Summer Fair project, our attempts to make slime failed miserably. For a while, the shared area in KS2 looked like a laboratory from a mad scientist’s nightmare. Thankfully, we were much more successful in making ooblek (cornstarch based slime) which meant a quick change of pricing and advertising but at least we had product to sell on our stall.

Reviewing what you have written is a really important part of the creative writing process. Y4DM can now create documents online, which they can simultaneously edit with other children. The potential for using this skill to improve peer feedback is enormous.

Learners of the Week have chosen themselves. Fatimah achieved very impressive scores on the assessments and she has been a driving force in getting the Summer Fair stall up and running. Miss Judge will love having such a great organiser to help her next year. Sadly, my next Learner of the Week won’t be here to make Miss Judge smile. Elyssa left our class today to attend a school closer to home. We will miss her very, very much. Her smile and positive attitude has lit up our classroom, and her progress and confidence has been fantastic.

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. It will be gone before you know it.

Mr. Moore

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