Friday 7th December

Hi everyone

It’s been a week full of victories for Y4.

On Monday we proved that we were experts in electricity by adding a motor to a circuit and then turned it into a fan by adding a cardboard blade. Knowledge and learning was consolidated in a very cool way.

The battle against the druids and Iceni on Wednesday brought us glory, honour and, of course, victory. Despite being outnumbered, our 4th legion led by Ethan our centurion, fought with great bravery and discipline. The enemy was crushed and legends were born.

When we came to record the story of the battle, Asonat stood out by writing her recount with an impressive level of independence and clarity. Ethan and Rewan displayed more superb story telling skills when they wrote about the wise men’s visit to the baby Jesus. Precise punctuation, detail, description and emotion made their work stand out amongst many great pieces of writing.

The names of Alex, Beltina, Cohen, Ethan, Layth, Rewan and Zain were written into our Spelling Hall of Fame this week for their perfect scores of 10/10 in their spelling tests.

Somehow we’ve managed to fit in time to complete assessments for this term. The results of the grammar and reading tests are outstanding. It seems that our pupils are pretty good mathematicians too.

Today we discovered that we had beaten 16 classes to win the Leeds Sumdog competition and Layth was 7th out of 420 students. Kings of the kennel!

Learners of the Week are Ethan and Rewan for their attitudes and achievements. We can rely on them for effort, for engagement, for resilience and for taking the opportunity every day to make this an especially successful and memorable year.

Sumdog Superstars are Layth and Yunus for accuracy and learning time. Lexia Legends are Tyreece and Edward.

Next Wednesday we will be visiting the City Museum. Please let us know if you are able to accompany us.

On Friday afternoon we hope that parents, friends and families will be able to join us to help our class celebrate so very many triumphs.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

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