Friday 18th January

Hi everyone.

This week we received a message from NASA written in ASCII code. Once deciphered, we read our instruction – Planet Earth is in danger! Act quickly and educate the world!  We immediately began to think of ideas about how we could help.  Next week we will decide upon our action plan to save our precious planet.

Thank you Mrs Burrows for accompanying Beltina, Alliyah, Davina and Leah to the Young Voices celebration where they sang beautifully and represented our school wonderfully.

Thank you has been said a lot this week in 4MM. The children made videos to show their thankfulness for all their blessings and today they wrote cards to express their gratitude.  Mrs Brown will cry (happy tears) when she reads what Enzo has written for her.

Enzo and Leah are our Learners of the Week.  Enzo has completed every task that he has been given and his attitude has been terrifically positive.  His resourcefulness and resilience has been very impressive and his happiness is definitely contagious.  We are also extremely proud of Leah’s achievements this week.  She used the ‘I wonder, I notice, I think’ strategy incredibly successfully to produce some independent writing that utterly amazed us.

Asonat and Zain are the Lexia Legends for earning more units than could ever be expected, Sumdog Superstars are Yunus and Tyreece for the most minutes, TT RockStar is Daisy for answering multiplication questions faster than anyone else.

Wk2 Homework

Thank you Y4.

Miss Mason   Mr Moore






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