Friday 25th January

Hi everyone

Sam the Soundman gave us a super start to the week.  His visit to our classroom was fantastic.  He involved everyone in lots of amazing experiments which helped us to learn and understand almost everything about the science of sound.  We learned about vibration and volume, amplifiers and acoustics, sound bridges sound waves, and of course, pitch.  Sam taught us about pitch by challenging Daisy’s hypothesis in every way possible.  Daisy suggested that small things make high-pitched sounds and big things make low sounds.  Sam tried to prove her wrong by testing little objects and large objects in the forms of solids, liquids and gases.  Whatever Sam tried, he could not find a way to break Daisy’s rule, unless he took us into the vacuum of space, where we wouldn’t hear anything because there would be no air particles to carry the sound.


Sam also explained how to make really impressive musical instruments from recycled materials.  The secret to making a xylophone is to find the node, the part of the wood that resonates most clearly and harmonically when struck. He showed us that we can even use a drainpipe and a flipflop to create some super sounds.

We had another visitor in school this week, our diocesan advisor Ms Tringham.  It was our turn to teach and share some amazing things.  Davina and Alliyah ‘wowed’ her with how eloquently they spoke about the importance of learning about values.  They showed her the very special book in which we record our work, and also explained that they had to create a rota because so many children wanted to contribute to it.  Thank you to Layth, Leyana, Thandeka, Beltina, Demi-Leigh, Gledia, Annie and Aayah for being such a credit to ACE.

Y4MM have also been brilliant with maths.  We have been constructing and reading bar graphs with great success.  Next week we’ll be learning about line graphs.  This next step because many children can study the fabulous charts that show their incredible Lexia progress.

Lexia Legends are Zain and Tyreece.  They’ve worked hard to make sure that they gained more units than anyone else.  Sumdogs Superstars are Yunus and Leah, TT Rockstar is Faheem, and the Learners of the Week are Layth and Thandeka.  Layth has kept everyone smiling this week with his brilliant behaviour, remarkable resilience, and of course, plenty of wonderful work.  Thandeka has been chosen for extraordinary effort in every lesson and her example to others exceeds expectation.  During Sam’s Sound Workshop she showed so much super science knowledge that we won’t be surprised if she becomes Dr Thandeka one day.

We used the image of our precious planet as the stimulus to develop writing skills this week.  Inspirational speeches for Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Dalton Sherman provided extra motivation for us when we wrote ‘imagine x3’ sentences.  Cohen delighted us by absorbing this knowledge amazingly quickly and then applying it to create some superb sentences.

Homework for this week ….

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason   Mr Moore


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