Friday 15th February

Hi everyone

The week began with some practical maths work. Every child was given a container of 12 Skittles that they sorted into different colours. They put their data into a spreadsheet and then shared the information as pie charts. Strangely, the sweets had disappeared by the end of the lesson.

There was a buzz of excitement all around school this week and it wasn’t totally due to raised sugar levels.  On Wednesday afternoon every child in KS2 became a member of a council and gained the opportunity to give their views on how we can help improve our school, our environment, our community and the wider world.  The atmosphere and the feedback was fabulous. We really enjoyed working with our Collective Worship team and the Computing group.  Every child and every teacher in school felt energised by a really positive afternoon.

Opera North worked with 4MM on Thursday.  The children learned about Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute in preparation for our trip to the theatre.  The themes of the story were explained through live music and choreography.

Today 4MM looked at the work of the painter Richard Pearce and then used acrylics to produce their own paintings in his style.  Harvey said, “I feel like a real artist now.”  When we hear children say things like this, we are reminded that we are immensely lucky to have such a great job.

We received more words of encouragement this week from Layth who said, “I thought maths would get harder and harder but it’s getting easier and easier.”

Congratulations to Leah and her horse Minnie for earning her Level 1 Think Like A Pony award.  She did this independently, “all on my own, with no help”, which really is a very impressive achievement.  We are very proud.

Once again, the Lexia Legends Zain and Faheem were unconquerable but Demi-Leigh, Cohen, Alex, Harvey also delighted us with their haul of units.  Sumdog Superstars are Tyreece, Aaron and Hafsa, and TT Rockstar is Asonat.

Learner of the Week is Demi-Leigh.  She contributes immensely to 4MM through her quiet, calm and hard-working example.  Thank you Demi-Leigh.

The announcement of a new member of 4MM was greeted with huge interest and great excitement.  Hello Fitz and welcome to ACE!

Have a great holiday everyone.

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

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