Friday 15th March

Hi everyone

It was Science Week at ACE so we’ve been investigating and experimenting even more than usual.

We all know what causes tooth decay but when we examined the levels of sugar in fizzy drinks we were surprised by just how much sugar we consume without thinking. After collecting the data, the children created bar charts to show the sugar content of some of our most popular drinks.

In Y4 we learn about the digestive system. The lessons are always received with two types of reaction: fascination or horror. Edward was the only one of us who didn’t have to look away and scream ‘yuck’. He’s passed the first round of the Could You Be a Doctor test. After learning the scientific names for the various parts of the digestive system, we carried out a practical experiment to show the journey of food through the body.

Edward also stood out as a super scientist when we studied food chains. Not only was he able to use the terms producers, and primary and secondary consumers, he knew to extend his food chain to include the source – the Sun.

Edward and Tyreece are our Learners of the Week. Edward continually amazes us and inspires his classmates with his incredible depth of knowledge in all subjects. Tyreece has delighted us with his desire and determination to make the most of all online learning opportunities.

Sumdog Superstars are Hafsa and Edward, TT Rockstar is Asonat, and Lexia Legends are Zain and Alex.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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