Friday 29th March

Hi everyone

Y4 have worked really hard this term and they deserve a break and a rest. However, we didn’t want to worry about our pupils becoming bored during the holidays so we’ve created lots of opportunities for online homework.

Please check Sumdog throughout the next two weeks for new competitions on the themes of addition, subtraction, fractions and time. The first one starts today.

We will continue to monitor Lexia minutes and units during the holiday. Prizes for Lexia Legends will be provided after the holidays.

Questions and assignments will be posted on Google every Saturday. Extra marks will be given for the most creative work.

Our Learners of the Week are Faheem and Cohen. Their ability to become absorbed in a task helps to explain why they achieve so highly and why they produce such a very high standard of work in so many areas of the curriculum. Congratulations gentlemen! We are very proud of you.

Fitz is our first Woofer of the Week. He behaved beautifully on his first day of school and completely charmed everyone that he met. Elvis was not at all pleased to hear this news. #jealous

This week’s Lexia Legends are Faheem and Mayako, TT Rockstars are Aayah and Hafsa, and Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Zain.

Have a wonderful holiday but don’t relax too much 4MM.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore


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