Thursday 18th 2019

We have had a lovely start to the Summer term. It’s a time when as teachers, we look back as well as forward. This week our pupils had a chance to experience that feeling when Reception children came to visit us. As our pupils moved into the role of big brothers and sisters, it was clear that they were in some way reflecting personally on how things used to be, how far they had come, and how much they had achieved on their learning journey through primary school.

Preparing our online presentations on the theme of The Blue Planet has been a very important part of our week. By learning to preserve our precious planet our pupils are learning and sharing many academic skills as well as developing appreciation, empathy and compassion. 4MM are making the future look brighter and happier than ever. Leyana’s fabulous artwork says that the oceans will be ok one day.

Beltina is our Learner of the Week.  She has been able to combine a high level of focus with her usual great enthusiasm, curiosity and thoughtfulness.  This marvellous mixture has turned Beltina into a super student and a powerful pupil.

Lexia Legends are Zain and Alliyah, our Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Alex and congratulations to Faheem for achieving TT Rockstar status this week.  Despite strong competition from Fitz (he graduated from Puppy School), Elvis is our Woofer of the Week because of the bravery and resilience he has shown after undergoing major surgery.  He’s read every single one of your get well cards and he says they have helped him to stay strong.

The school day ended with a really lovely Easter service led by Reverend Sharon and supported by our wonderful Y4 readers. Thank you to Alliyah, Cohen, Rewan, Aayah, Alana and Layth. Your prayers were beautiful.

Happy Easter everyone, see you on Tuesday.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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