Friday 3rd May

Hi everyone

The vicious Vikings invaded our classroom this week. In just a few days we have learned an immense amount of knowledge about the Anglo Saxons and how their way of life was changed forever by the Viking invasion of Britain.

On Tuesday we received a very distressing letter from the Emperor Honorius. He implored our Roman soldiers in Britain to return to Rome in order to protect the empire from attack by enemy tribes. We realised how hard it must have been for many Romans to leave Britain, as it had been their home for many years. Cohen expressed these thoughts superbly in his diary entry.

‘It’s now or never. I must pack my belongings and get ready to fight for my army needs me. I must set aside my own feelings and do what is best for the Romans. It comes with great misery that I spend my last night in Britain today. I hope to one day return to this precious island that I call home.’

Y4MM gained great confidence in rounding decimal numbers this week. We have been working on interpreting questions so that we understand what skills are needed to solve a problem. Through applying their abilities in metacognition and by distilling key information, the children have been tackling questions successfully and fearlessly.

Having instant recall of all times table facts is a key requirement for all Y4 children if they are to succeed and thrive in Y5 and 6. We will be giving out extra prizes from now on for those children who make the most effort to improve their TT RockStars heatmap. Well done to Zain, Enzo, Faheem, Cohen, Gledia, Davina and Aeron can claim their rewards next week.

Gledia and Zain are Lexia Legends, and Annie, Cohen, Rewan and Beltina achieved perfect spelling scores this week. The improvement in Thandeka’s handwriting is also something that needs to be shared. Her written work makes us smile before we’ve even read it.

Thank you to Beltina for being a brilliant roving reporter today. She took some great photos of the Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson when he came to open the new outdoor learning area at ACE.

Congratulations to Zain and Layth for being our Sumdog Superstars but next week it’s going to be one of us. We’ve been competing against our pupils online. They’ve been fighting us like Vikings but fortunately they couldn’t avoid showing their generous and kind natures by teaching us how to play more successfully and by providing furniture for our rather empty online houses. Thank you Y4. You’ve remembered that kindness costs nothing and enriches everyone.

Learner of the Week is Cohen. He has aimed for excellence in every lesson and achieved every target. We are very proud.

Have a great weekend + Monday

Miss Mason                Mr Moore


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