Friday 10th May

Hi everyone

Once again, we’ve somehow squeezed five days of learning into four. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for our class however, as our children have still managed to amaze us and delight us just as much as usual.

Many pupils have achieved our current maths target. They are able to convert fractions into the equivalent decimal numbers by changing the fractions into tenths.

Fractions and small decimal numbers can add up to a significant amount is what the Energy Saving team taught us this week. Children from Y5 visited our classroom to teach us about the importance of switching off lights and turning down the heating. By noticing wasted resources we can make tiny changes that could make a huge difference.

Learner of the Week is Aaron. He has been using his capitalising skills very effectively. He has been making good use of all the resources available such as word banks, dictionaries and displays to make his writing stronger and more powerful than ever before.

4MM finished off their reports on the Lindisfarne invasion this week. Not only do the finished pieces sound great, they look superb as well.

Lexia Legends are Faheem and Zain for collecting an outrageous number of units, and Sumdog Superstar is Layth. In TTRockstar news, Gledia became a Rockstar on Thursday and Alana attained Headliner status.

On Monday we start our Arts Fortnight with Mrs. Johnston. We will begin our creative journey with Mrs. J outside so please make sure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing for the possibility of wet conditions. Despite potentially wet and cold conditions, we’re sure that all the best qualities of 4MM will burn brightly next week.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr. Moore

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