Friday 7th June

Hi everyone

We had a great time on the school trip to the Discovery Centre and the Royal Armouries. During the morning we learned about what it was like to be living in England over 1000 years ago by looking at Anglo Saxon and Viking coins, axe heads and jewellery.  Later, we got a tour of the museum archive, which contains over a million amazing artefacts.  As we left the workshop leader complimented us on our excellent behaviour, enthusiasm and politeness.

After lunch we had a hands-on history lesson at the Royal Armouries when we watched an Anglo Saxon fight a Viking.  Once the demonstration was over we got the opportunity to become warriors for a few moments.

The list of Lexia Legends is longer than ever this week.  Zain, Layth, Faheem, Adrika, Harvey and Alana gained an incredible amount of units.  Sumdog Superstars are Yunus and Harvey, and TT Rockstar is Edward.  Edward has also been chosen to be our Learner of the Week. He was able to use his encyclopaedic knowledge and his wealth of experiences to answer every question that was asked on Monday.  On Wednesday, Edward impressed Mr Magnall by applying superb reasoning skills when learning about how data sensors are used in the ‘internet of things’.  Another compelling reason for Edward to be chosen for Learner of the Week is because we have been learning about humility.  Edward is never boastful and is always respectful towards peers.

Today we celebrated Sports Day.  KS2 used the athletics track at Leeds Met University to show off their superb sporting prowess.  They were speedy and strong but best of all they all had great fun, and, of course, they were beautifully behaved.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Miss Mason                Mr Moore


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