Friday 14th June

Hi everyone.

This week everyone in 4MM joined Kahoot!  It’s an online platform for making and taking educational quizzes.  We have already made a maths quiz and next week we will create a quiz about Alfred the Great.

Much of our time has been spent researching the life of King Alfred to find out why the Anglo Saxons thought he was so great. Information has been collected and organised into appropriate paragraphs, and we are now ready to write the final versions of our versions of King Alfred’s biography.

Even though the Vikings lived in Britain over 1000 years ago, we still use vocabulary that they gave to us. On Monday we discovered that ‘Berserk’, ‘angry’, ‘slaughter’, ‘nasty’ and ‘ruthless’ are examples of words that we have inherited from the Vikings, as well as ‘shy’, ‘cake’ and ‘welcome’. Many Yorkshire towns and areas around Leeds have Viking place names. Wetherby, Harrogate, Whitby, Seacroft and Armley are just some of the many Viking villages that we found using Google Maps.

Our maths lessons have been all about money, money, money. 4MM have been calculating with coins by adding, subtracting and working out how much change they should receive. Please take advantage of any opportunities at home to gain a bit more practical experience in using coins in a real life context.

Demi-Leigh is this week’s TT Rock Star, and Lexia Legends are Adrika, Alliyah and Alana. We were also really pleased with the amount of units earned by Gledia, Layth, Beltina, Rewan and Aayah. Our first Symphony Maths Superstar is Leah, and the leaders of the Sumdog pack are Yunus and Hafsa.

Learner of the Week is Mrs Burrows. She always has an outstanding week but this one has been exceptional. Her love, her support and her dedication to 4MM are boundless, and her resilience is an example to everyone.

Please try to make sure that PE kits are in school everyday. We hope that the rain might take a break next week and allow us to enjoy one of the most exciting events of the year – the ACE High Jump. If anyone plans to beat the school record of 118cm, they are going to need to attach springs to their feet or bring a ladder.

Have a great weekend, especially you Mrs Burrows.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

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