Friday 17th April

Hi everyone

Week 1 of our Arts Fortnight has been an amazing experience and far more rewarding and fulfilling than playing the online version.  Led by the imagination of our children, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Lynch are guiding us along a fantastic journey of creativity and expression through language, art and dance.

On Monday we began to see things that we have looked at everyday but never really noticed. We spent time exploring the environment at the front of school and in Edward’s words we discovered “a kaleidoscope of colour”.  Inspired by the plants, trees, textures and tones in our grounds, the children made stencils to highlight and frame the natural beauty in our locality that is often overlooked.

Developing stamina when reading is a vitally important target for all pupils, as is the ability to summarise what they have read.  Y4MM worked on these targets on Tuesday when we used ‘Steve Dawson’ techniques to collect the key facts from texts about trees by putting aside unnecessary information.  We then created a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between silver birch, rowan and hawthorn trees and in the afternoon the artist Andy Goldsworth was our inspiration when we made our own natural art creations using daisies, dandelions and long grasses.

The rich colours and textures of our natural world disappeared on Wednesday when we imagined where a black hole might take us. This provided a great opportunity for 4MM to use precise yet adventurous vocabulary by selecting powerful nouns, adjectives and verbs when sharing their thoughts and feelings.

On Thursday we explored feelings, images and landscapes in greater depth.  Our task was to choose an image from a range of pictures of the environment that resonated with how we felt. Once we had made our decision we had to describe how our choice symbolised and captured our thoughts and emotions.  We thought about what we could see, hear, feel and smell at the place to which we had been drawn.  During the afternoon session we used photosensitive paper to create wallpaper style prints by first designing a print on plain paper, and then reproducing it on special light sensitive paper. After waiting 5 minutes for the sun to work it’s magic, it was then placed it water for just 1 minute and then left to dry.  We started to experiment with creating simple patterns in a similar way to how wallpaper is designed.

Today we composed more sentences to describe how it feels to actually enter the black hole. Plenty of exceptionally strong writing has already been produced so after some editing and redrafting next week we are sure to have some incredibly compelling and powerful reading material for you.

Throughout this week, Mrs Lynch has been helping us to use choreography to interpret the ideas and feelings we have spoken, written and captured in our artwork.  We have a week to refine and rehearse but the dance sequences that she has helped us devise so far are already beautiful, creative, intriguing and completely captivating.

Thanks Mrs. J and Mrs. L.  You’ve found the essence of Y4MM.

Learner of the week is Mayako.  She has thrived on being given the time and space to collect her thoughts over the past few days.  She has shown depth in her thinking and strength in her vocabulary when she found the black hole.  Mayako felt ‘satisfied’ at first but then she was ‘hypnotised’ she talked about entering a world where only bad people went and they could only get out once they had redeemed themselves and became good once again.

Lexia Legend is Zain, Sumdog Superstar is Yunus, and our TT Rockstar is Gledia who became a Rock Legend on Sunday.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason  + Mr Moore

PS: The Woofer of the Week title goes to Elvis.  He’s had a really ruff time since his operation but this week he has made some pawsome progress.  Yesterday Elvis went to Roundhay Park and walked round the small lake using all four of his zoomers.  He met up with some of his pack who were quick assure him that he’s still king of the kennel.

Friday 10th May

Hi everyone

Once again, we’ve somehow squeezed five days of learning into four. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for our class however, as our children have still managed to amaze us and delight us just as much as usual.

Many pupils have achieved our current maths target. They are able to convert fractions into the equivalent decimal numbers by changing the fractions into tenths.

Fractions and small decimal numbers can add up to a significant amount is what the Energy Saving team taught us this week. Children from Y5 visited our classroom to teach us about the importance of switching off lights and turning down the heating. By noticing wasted resources we can make tiny changes that could make a huge difference.

Learner of the Week is Aaron. He has been using his capitalising skills very effectively. He has been making good use of all the resources available such as word banks, dictionaries and displays to make his writing stronger and more powerful than ever before.

4MM finished off their reports on the Lindisfarne invasion this week. Not only do the finished pieces sound great, they look superb as well.

Lexia Legends are Faheem and Zain for collecting an outrageous number of units, and Sumdog Superstar is Layth. In TTRockstar news, Gledia became a Rockstar on Thursday and Alana attained Headliner status.

On Monday we start our Arts Fortnight with Mrs. Johnston. We will begin our creative journey with Mrs. J outside so please make sure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing for the possibility of wet conditions. Despite potentially wet and cold conditions, we’re sure that all the best qualities of 4MM will burn brightly next week.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr. Moore

Friday 3rd May

Hi everyone

The vicious Vikings invaded our classroom this week. In just a few days we have learned an immense amount of knowledge about the Anglo Saxons and how their way of life was changed forever by the Viking invasion of Britain.

On Tuesday we received a very distressing letter from the Emperor Honorius. He implored our Roman soldiers in Britain to return to Rome in order to protect the empire from attack by enemy tribes. We realised how hard it must have been for many Romans to leave Britain, as it had been their home for many years. Cohen expressed these thoughts superbly in his diary entry.

‘It’s now or never. I must pack my belongings and get ready to fight for my army needs me. I must set aside my own feelings and do what is best for the Romans. It comes with great misery that I spend my last night in Britain today. I hope to one day return to this precious island that I call home.’

Y4MM gained great confidence in rounding decimal numbers this week. We have been working on interpreting questions so that we understand what skills are needed to solve a problem. Through applying their abilities in metacognition and by distilling key information, the children have been tackling questions successfully and fearlessly.

Having instant recall of all times table facts is a key requirement for all Y4 children if they are to succeed and thrive in Y5 and 6. We will be giving out extra prizes from now on for those children who make the most effort to improve their TT RockStars heatmap. Well done to Zain, Enzo, Faheem, Cohen, Gledia, Davina and Aeron can claim their rewards next week.

Gledia and Zain are Lexia Legends, and Annie, Cohen, Rewan and Beltina achieved perfect spelling scores this week. The improvement in Thandeka’s handwriting is also something that needs to be shared. Her written work makes us smile before we’ve even read it.

Thank you to Beltina for being a brilliant roving reporter today. She took some great photos of the Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson when he came to open the new outdoor learning area at ACE.

Congratulations to Zain and Layth for being our Sumdog Superstars but next week it’s going to be one of us. We’ve been competing against our pupils online. They’ve been fighting us like Vikings but fortunately they couldn’t avoid showing their generous and kind natures by teaching us how to play more successfully and by providing furniture for our rather empty online houses. Thank you Y4. You’ve remembered that kindness costs nothing and enriches everyone.

Learner of the Week is Cohen. He has aimed for excellence in every lesson and achieved every target. We are very proud.

Have a great weekend + Monday

Miss Mason                Mr Moore


Friday 26th April

Hi everyone

Although we only had 0.8 of a school week, Y4 have managed to accumulate whole lot of knowledge and many new skills.

The children are making great progress in the maths topic of ordering decimal numbers to three places. A Sumdog challenge has been set for those who want to gain deeper understanding and more fluency.

Aayah and Asonat are our Learners of the Week.  Aayah was chosen for her constantly impeccable behaviour and her effort in all curriculum areas.  As a reward for her excellence, she was selected to be the first pupil in 4MM to visit the new school building.

Mrs Cooper would be very proud of Asonat because of how effectively she has applied some of the learning behaviours that she has been developing with her. Asonat has been demonstrating strong skills in capitalising by drawing on all her resources to help her succeed in challenging tasks.

TT Rockstar for this week is Zain, and he is also a Lexia Legend along with Gledia. Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Tyreece.

Thank you to all of the parents, friends and relative who were able to attend the celebration on Thursday afternoon of our work about our Blue Planet. The children are rightly proud of what they have achieved. Not only have they produced some wonderful work in many curriculum areas, they have also gained attitudes and outlooks that will protect our world for future generations. The finished videos will be posted on the blog next week.

Today, Cohen and Leyana reminded us of their wonderful artistic abilities when Y4 combined acrylic and watercolour paints to create some stunning seascapes. Cohen’s skills in creating shades of colour are incomparable and Leyana’s ability to represent an image, a mood and a feeling is unmatched.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore






Thursday 18th 2019

We have had a lovely start to the Summer term. It’s a time when as teachers, we look back as well as forward. This week our pupils had a chance to experience that feeling when Reception children came to visit us. As our pupils moved into the role of big brothers and sisters, it was clear that they were in some way reflecting personally on how things used to be, how far they had come, and how much they had achieved on their learning journey through primary school.

Preparing our online presentations on the theme of The Blue Planet has been a very important part of our week. By learning to preserve our precious planet our pupils are learning and sharing many academic skills as well as developing appreciation, empathy and compassion. 4MM are making the future look brighter and happier than ever. Leyana’s fabulous artwork says that the oceans will be ok one day.

Beltina is our Learner of the Week.  She has been able to combine a high level of focus with her usual great enthusiasm, curiosity and thoughtfulness.  This marvellous mixture has turned Beltina into a super student and a powerful pupil.

Lexia Legends are Zain and Alliyah, our Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Alex and congratulations to Faheem for achieving TT Rockstar status this week.  Despite strong competition from Fitz (he graduated from Puppy School), Elvis is our Woofer of the Week because of the bravery and resilience he has shown after undergoing major surgery.  He’s read every single one of your get well cards and he says they have helped him to stay strong.

The school day ended with a really lovely Easter service led by Reverend Sharon and supported by our wonderful Y4 readers. Thank you to Alliyah, Cohen, Rewan, Aayah, Alana and Layth. Your prayers were beautiful.

Happy Easter everyone, see you on Tuesday.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 29th March

Hi everyone

Y4 have worked really hard this term and they deserve a break and a rest. However, we didn’t want to worry about our pupils becoming bored during the holidays so we’ve created lots of opportunities for online homework.

Please check Sumdog throughout the next two weeks for new competitions on the themes of addition, subtraction, fractions and time. The first one starts today.

We will continue to monitor Lexia minutes and units during the holiday. Prizes for Lexia Legends will be provided after the holidays.

Questions and assignments will be posted on Google every Saturday. Extra marks will be given for the most creative work.

Our Learners of the Week are Faheem and Cohen. Their ability to become absorbed in a task helps to explain why they achieve so highly and why they produce such a very high standard of work in so many areas of the curriculum. Congratulations gentlemen! We are very proud of you.

Fitz is our first Woofer of the Week. He behaved beautifully on his first day of school and completely charmed everyone that he met. Elvis was not at all pleased to hear this news. #jealous

This week’s Lexia Legends are Faheem and Mayako, TT Rockstars are Aayah and Hafsa, and Sumdog Superstars are Harvey and Zain.

Have a wonderful holiday but don’t relax too much 4MM.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore


Friday 22nd March

Hi everyone

The work of Kurt Jackson was the inspiration for a wonderful lesson in art. After studying his style and techniques, the children created some beautiful pieces of work using watercolour paints.



Some of our best artists applied different skills to achieve a high standard. Tyreece found success by following the instructions for the process carefully, and Cohen worked meticulously and with precision to ensure that his art was outstanding, as did Alana. Leyana used her fantastic sense of colour brilliantly, and Thandeka showed her skills in blending, merging and using tone. Next week we will combine acrylic and watercolour paints to create seascapes.

Learner of the Week is Alana. Her attitude and aspiration impresses us in every lesson that we teach and her superb artwork should be hung on a wall alongside her beautiful test results. Lexia Legends are Gledia, Asonat, Layth and, of course, Zain. Thandeka and Davina are Sumdog Superstars, and this week’s TT Rockstars are Faheem and Rewan.

Please take any opportunity with your child to talk about how to read a 24 hour clock. You can use the clock app on an iPad or Android tablet to set timed challenges with the stopwatch feature, or set alarms to mark and measure significant points in the day.

Our newest member of 4MM will be paying us a visit at some time around 13:00 hrs on Monday. He’s already tried on his school uniform.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 15th March

Hi everyone

It was Science Week at ACE so we’ve been investigating and experimenting even more than usual.

We all know what causes tooth decay but when we examined the levels of sugar in fizzy drinks we were surprised by just how much sugar we consume without thinking. After collecting the data, the children created bar charts to show the sugar content of some of our most popular drinks.

In Y4 we learn about the digestive system. The lessons are always received with two types of reaction: fascination or horror. Edward was the only one of us who didn’t have to look away and scream ‘yuck’. He’s passed the first round of the Could You Be a Doctor test. After learning the scientific names for the various parts of the digestive system, we carried out a practical experiment to show the journey of food through the body.

Edward also stood out as a super scientist when we studied food chains. Not only was he able to use the terms producers, and primary and secondary consumers, he knew to extend his food chain to include the source – the Sun.

Edward and Tyreece are our Learners of the Week. Edward continually amazes us and inspires his classmates with his incredible depth of knowledge in all subjects. Tyreece has delighted us with his desire and determination to make the most of all online learning opportunities.

Sumdog Superstars are Hafsa and Edward, TT Rockstar is Asonat, and Lexia Legends are Zain and Alex.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 8th March

Hi everyone

Today the children finished their protest speeches about the consequences of plastic pollution. It has been a long process of drafting, editing, redrafting and revising. Immense effort has been expended to achieve some tremendous results. There are many outstanding pieces of work and the progress made by everyone has been utterly brilliant. 4MM’s finished work reflects their passionate hopes for a better world and is expressed through superb sentence structure, expert vocabulary, precise punctuation and spelling, and, of course, beautiful handwriting.

We have chosen Cohen and Asonat to be our Learners of the Week. Their incredibly powerful persuasive speeches are a source of pride to us, and a sign of hope to every orca in the ocean.

King of the Sumdog Kennel is Enzo for the most minutes of learning time, and Yunus and Zain are Lexia Legends. Ethan and Mayako are the TT Rockstars for the most rapid recent progress.

Please try to join us next Wednesday for our Assembly, in which we will share and celebrate some of the many great achievements made by 4MM so far this year.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 1st March

Hi everyone

What a wonderful week of learning, fun and amazing experiences!

We began the week by finding out about our levels of self-control. The challenge was to hold a piece of chocolate for 10 minutes without eating it. Those children who were able to resist temptation were rewarded with a second piece of chocolate. Only one pupil failed to pass the test but at least he learned a valuable lesson.

Brush Ninja is a free online animation program. We used it to create animated gifs of a sea creature that we might find at The Deep. Later on, we continued with an ocean theme by researching where different aquatic animals come from and then marking their locations on a map of the world.

Fractions are fun is the maths message for this week. Our pupils are making really good progress in adding and subtracting fractions, and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

We are also very pleased with the progress in writing that Y4 have made. They wrote very powerfully persuasive speeches based on the polar bears’ quest for sea ice completely independently. Cohen’s especially impressed us, as did Alana’s, Harvey’s and Ethan’s, who applied everyone that they have been taught in writing lessons this term.

On Tuesday afternoon went to the Grand Theatre to watch a performance of The Magic Flute. It was a superb production. The cast was brilliant, the backdrops and set designs were stunning, and of course the music was superb. It was a great experience for the children but our favourite part of the opera was when our pupils started to sing along with one of the arias.

Thank you to Mrs Lynch for helping Y4 to start work on creating blue planet inspired dances. It was simply beautiful to see the children letting of self-consciousness and expressing themselves. They choreographed their own parts of the dance in groups and also learnt some parts altogether.

A wonderful week was completed by a terrific trip to The Deep. The children were brimming with excitement and full of smiles all day. There were countless moments of awe and wonder, even for the grown ups! Having met so many fabulous fishy friends and amazing aquatic acquaintances, our campaign in school against plastic pollution in the oceans seems more important than ever.

Learners of the Week are Aaron and Harvey for their resilience and their determination to understand how to add and subtract fractions. They have both developed their independence and have really impressed us this week with their positive attitude and have-a-go spirit! Sumdog Superstars are Enzo and Layth, and our TT Rockstars are Davina and Ethan. Lexia Legends are Gledia and Zain.

Have a great weekend everyone

Miss Mason + Mr Moore


Some of our pupils have expressed concern about stories of upsetting online sites and internet ‘crazes’. The police, the Safer Internet Centre, and the BBC have stated that the latest story is being driven by ‘fake news’ and we should avoid causing unnecessary alarm. However, children are still able to accidentally view worrying content relating to this theme through watching videos on YouTube, WhatsApp and other forms of social media.  Please be aware of the latest e-safety advice by visiting the Parent Zone website or the Safer Internet Centre, and please always know where your children are when they are online.