Friday 19th October

Hi everyone

There have been a few signs of tiredness in 4MM this week. Thankfully most children have had the energy to show impressive levels of resilience by avoiding distractions, and by persevering when obstacles have been put in the way of progress and learning.

We have enjoyed finding out what it must have been like to be a Roman legionary in northern Britain. New words such as ‘tense’, ‘eerie’ and ‘sinister’ were absorbed into the Y4 vocabulary through watching and responding to questions about edited video clips. The children produced some outstanding answers verbally, and also by creating movies from screenshots to which they added written commentaries. The skills that the children have already acquired this term would qualify them for Apple Teacher accreditation if they weren’t so young!

More amazing skills in collecting and communicating information were displayed in the main writing tasks this week. The children researched the lives of rich and poor Ancient Romans and then recorded what they had discovered. They showed that knowledge had been completely assimilated when they wrote poems to express how disenchanted so many citizens in the Roman Empire must have felt.

Davina once again proved that she is a great learner by taking on board some advice about how to deal with some tricky aspects of maths. It can be difficult to decipher maths questions when numbers are surrounded by so many words. Davina used her reading skills very effectively to solve some calculation conundrums hidden in layers of language.

Gledia and Edward are our Lexia Legends for this week. Between them, they earned 117 units. That’s supposed to be impossible. Unbelievable but true news continues with the fact that Faheem answered 7770 questions on Sumdog this week and Zain answered 7700. Wow is not enough!

Choosing a Learner of the Week is always a difficult task but it has become even harder for the right reasons. So many children have done more than enough to earn the title but Zain has stood above everyone. His attitude and behaviour is perfect and his commitment to making progress makes us incredibly proud.

Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who were able to attend the consultation meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. We were delighted to have had so many positive conversations and to have received such a great level of support.

We also need to express our appreciation for the generosity that parents of children in Y4MM have shown by donating so many gifts for the Harvest Service on Tuesday. Well done to Aaron for encouraging everyone to sing up and to celebrate our blessings.

Homework is attached as a PDF.

Homework week 7

Please let us know if your child needs any help in completing the tasks.

We have one more week before the half term break. Let’s make it better than ever.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 12th October

Hi everyone.

Writing the blog is a great way to start the weekend. It gives us a chance to reflect on all the fantastic learning and progress that has taken place during a very busy week. It’s also an opportunity to remind ourselves that we are blessed to have such a great class of pupils.

On Monday we had a quick Science lesson to revise what we had learned about solids, liquids and gases. The children melted ice cubes, collected the water and then turned it into steam by throwing it onto a fire. The recent rain was probably our fault. Sorry.

We also began our exploration of the concept of incarnation on Monday when we looked at and discussed a section of the Big Frieze by Emma Yarlett. Harvey used his visual literacy skills very effectively. He asked and gave answers to some really big questions.

In our maths lessons we have been looking at some alternative methods for addition and subtraction.  Having to learn a different way to calculate proved quite a challenge for many of our marvellous mathematicians but we they know that they can count on the fact that being ‘in the pit’ is the way that new learning begins.

This week 4MM created passports so they could join the Roman army. Through this activity the children explored and celebrated their heritage and the links that they have to different places around the world. They also learned that the Roman army was made up soldiers with many different languages and cultures. The children also wrote about the type of equipment that they would need to be a formidable member of their legion.

Today, the author Amy Wilson visited our school and no doubt inspired many of our pupils to become writers in the future. The theme that links all of her books is magical realism, an idea that suggests that the world in which we live is more often more amazing and frequently more spellbinding than we sometimes notice.

Sumdog superstars are Alana and Zain for 99% and 97% accuracy on the questions they answered. Lexia legends are Alliyah and Faheem. Enzo very nearly matched their haul of units, which absolutely delighted us. He is making incredible progress with reading.

We have chosen Alliyah to be our Learner of the Week. Her attitude and conduct is superb, she gives her best in every lesson and she takes nothing for granted. She was genuinely surprised that she had been chosen which made us even happier and more certain that we’ve made a really good choice.

Please click on the link to see the homework for this week.

Week 6

If possible, please encourage your child to take part in the Sumdog challenge for this weekend and to earn at least 4 Lexia units.

There are two extra reasons to look forward to next week: on Wednesday and Thursday the Parents’ Consultation meetings will give us a chance to share much more good news about the progress of our pupils, and on Tuesday the annual International Café will give us the chance to eat like Roman emperors by tasting food from all around the world.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 5th October

Hi everyone

First of all, get well soon to Miss Mason!  We miss you very much indeed.

Year 4 MM have tried really hard to keep moving forward and to continue the learning journey despite the unfortunate change to our usual routine.  Miss Mason would be very proud of the resilience that has been evident in our class this week.

I know that Miss Mason would also be pleased to hear that our pupils are showing that they are full of kindness and cleverness. They were inspired by the animated story of Justino, a security guard working the night shift, who gets through the drudgery of his lonely job by coming up with different ways to make his co-workers smile. Ultimately, his kindness is rewarded as the ripple he has made comes back to him in a wave of appreciation and love. Sienna, Harvey and Leyana showed great empathy and also proved that they have brilliant visual literacy skills.

Y4 looked further into states of matter in our Science studies this week by examining how water can change from a solid to a liquid. The children carried out an experiment to see how quickly ice melts in cold water, warm water and in the surrounding air. Daisy, Alana, Annie and Edward are just some of the many children who worked carefully and recorded their observations thoroughly and precisely. On Monday we’ll melt a bit more ice and see if we can make a cloud from the water droplets.

The children have been learning about what it was like to be in a battle with the Romans. After watching a film clip (don’t worry, I faded out the scariest bits), the class wrote paragraphs to describe their victory. Their sentences were packed with adjectives and adverbs, which created a powerful description of the battle. Davina, Gledia, Alliyah all really impressed me, and Ethan showed that he could easily be mistaken for a Roman general. ‘Deadly and fearless, I led my troops into the raging battle’.

I don’t think that anyone has ever earned as many Lexia units in one week as Faheem. 43!!!!!! He’s not just a Lexia Legend; we need a new title for him. How about Lord of Lexia?  Sumdog Superstars are Zain, Rewan and Annie for their accuracy and learning time.

I am really pleased for Harvey. He’s our Learner of the Week. Harvey has shown brilliant behaviour and excellent enthusiasm for education. He has been super keen to contribute and to do his best in every lesson. He is making the most of his opportunities, and one of my highlights of the week was when he asked me to write the details for a website so he could continue learning at home.

Homework for this week is attached below as a PDF.

Homework week 5

Have a great weekend.

Mr Moore

Friday 28th September

Hi everyone.

Davina started our week by leading Collective Worship for the whole school. With assistance from Beltina, she shared an inspirational poem, reminding everyone that we should appreciate all that we have been blessed with. Thank you Davina.  You are an inspiration to us.

As part of our study of the Ancient Romans, we began by finding out what it is like to live in modern-day Rome. The children used their iPads to research, collect and share what they found out.  Davina was once again a great help, by sharing some useful descriptive vocabulary.  Faheem’s work makes us wish we could arrange a school trip to the Eternal City and enjoy some of ‘la dolce vita’.

Zain won the Lexia Legend title this week with 21 units.  Faheem, Layth and Zain are Sumdog Superstars by winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the ’rounding’ competition.  Hafsa also really impressed us with Maths work by making an incredible amount of progress in such a short space of time.  We have decided that Davina should be our Learner of the Week.  She has demonstrated every aspect of a good learner in abundance.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Parents’ Information Evening on Wednesday.  It was really good to be able to connect with new and familiar faces, and to be able to answer questions and to give and to listen to advice which will help our class to have a happy and successful time in Y4.  If you have any concerns or further questions please just ask.

Homework Wk 4

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason      Mr Moore

Friday 21st September

Hi everyone.

During this week’s RE lesson we explored why ancient civilisations used to worship the sun. Some amazing ideas and thinking was shared by many children, and some very deep questions were answered brilliantly.

Despite some excellent learning throughout the week in Maths and English, Science is now probably the most popular subject in Y4.  ‘How can we prove that gases exist?’ was the key question that the children attempted to answer.  The photos below have captured some brilliant moments of wonder and discovery.

Lexia Legends this week are Gledia and Edward who have both earned 20 units. Layth, Annie, Ethan, Aayah, Zain and Alliyah also gained more units than was needed. Sumdog Superstars are Leah and Alex.

Edward has shown us that he passion for history and he has superb knowledge of the Romans. Yunus has also made a very good impression on us through his ability to reflect on his learning. He always shows a strong desire to improve and to make progress and he listens carefully to advice and acts on it.

Despite strong competition, we have chosen Gledia to be Learner of the Week. She always has a mature attitude and shows great resilience by managing distractions effectively.  Every piece of work that she produces is completed with care and is presented beautifully.

Homework for this week: English books pages 6 and 7 (verbs and adverbs), Maths books pages 8 and 9 (place value, 1000 more, 1000 less), plus spellings and home reading books. Extra minutes on Lexia and Sumdog would be very welcome too.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

Friday 14th September

Hello everyone.

Miss Mason and I will be using the blog to tell the world that we have the best class at ACE. We’ll be sharing news and information and also celebrating the successes and achievements of our brilliant pupils.

Many children have impressed us already this term.  Layth has shown a desire to make this year a great one by working terrifically hard on developing new levels of self-discipline and resilience.  Annie’s helpfulness around the classroom and her keenness to contribute in every way possible has been much appreciated. We are lucky to have children that want to give more than is needed and try harder than is expected. Leah and Tyreece are this week’s Lexia Legends.  They have done more minutes than were needed and they gained more units than was expected.

We have chosen Alana to be our first Learner of the Week.  Her ability to focus, to manage distractions and to always give her best efforts in all lessons has absolutely delighted us.  She is a great role model.

Homework should be returned to school on Tuesday and spelling tests take place on Thursday.  PE kit is needed on Wednesday afternoons.

Spellings Week 3

Please try to attend the Parents Meeting on Wednesday evening when we will be available to answer any questions about life in 4MM.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

Friday 20th July

The producers of the 4DM show would like to thank the following:

Abigail, Andrea, Arman, Benjamin, Deacon, Elyssa, Euanson, Evie Rae, Fatimah, Hamza, Harley, Giselle, Guzal, Jessica, Kyron, Leigha, Liam, Lilly Anna, Lubaya, Naza, Olaseni, Ramtin, Rayhan, Rhys, Ronnie, Singher, Sonny, Stella, Susan, Xavier and Mrs Bentley.

Have a great summer.


Friday 13th June

Hi everyone

Lots of plants around school are flowering at the moment but we discovered that there are plants that never flower or produce seeds in this week’s science task.

It’s good to see how much more confident the children have become in using the four maths operations. In September memorising times tables facts was tricky for some children but now formal written multiplication of numbers with 2, 3, 4 or 5 digits is no problem at all. Other maths news: the boys beat the girls in a Sumdog competition this week. They answered almost twice as many questions as the girls. However, next week we’ll do the contest again but this time the winning team will be the one that answers the most questions correctly.

On Thursday we learned to make iMovie trailers. The children choose a genre and then add video, photos and sound effects. Next week we’ll turn the classroom into a cinema and watch the finished films. I hope I don’t choke on my popcorn.

My choices Gold Book were Lubaya and Liam.  Liam has made outstanding progress: 24 months in maths and 26 months in reading.  He has a great attitude both in class and in the playground.  Liam is enthusiastic, and always positive and kind.  The most pleasing change in Lubaya in Year 4, has been to see the growth in her confidence.  She has gained a tremendous amount of belief, resilience and determination and that has had a massive impact on her progress and potential for the future. 19 months progress in Maths and 14 in reading.

Annual reports were given out today.  I tried to have a bit of fun by teasing the children about what I had written but nobody was fooled. They all knew that they had a lot to be proud of, and despite occasional barks and growls they know that I care for them deeply.  I have tried really hard to find the right words to express my thoughts and feelings about how your child has progressed in Y4 but please let me know if there is anything that you would like to discuss.

5 days left. I hope that they are days that we will never forget.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 6th July

Hi everyone

Even though Birkdale lost once again, Sports Day went very well today. Excellence, determination and effort were displayed in abundance by the amazing ACE athletes and some of the teachers and parents too!  My plans to steal gold by feeding the team jelly beans failed. My theory was that a sugar rush would make them run faster.  It doesn’t. They just talk faster and laugh harder. Hopefully Gareth Southgate has a better plan.

This week I handed my class over to Miss Judge for transition to Year 5.  The children were really keen to tell me about what a great time they had, and they seemed especially excited about performing MacBeth next year.  Miss Judge also enjoyed having my class for a trial period.  She was very impressed by their good behaviour and their attitudes, and she found them all ‘not guilty’.  As you can imagine, I felt very proud and relieved by the verdict.  Hamza, Ramtin and Harley won prizes for being marvellous mathematicians, and Miss Judge also gave her ruling on who should be the Learners of the Week.  Arman and Susan were named as the children who should receive maximum praise.  Susan submitted a wealth of high quality written evidence to prove that she is ready for Y5, and Arman’s incisive comments, questions and his willingness to offer totally honest answers when under pressure were the key factors in Miss Judge’s decision.  Well done everyone, I think we got away with it.

Uh oh!  I spoke too soon.  Apparently we have to prove that we are the best class in the whole world all over again. Next week two teachers from Scarborough will be visiting ACE to investigate how we use Google Classroom to write and collaborate.  A visit to the seaside in September is one of the possible outcomes, so fingers crossed that truth and justice will prevail.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore