Friday 28th July

Hi everyone

This week was basically a whole series of scenes from School of Rock.  A visual literacy lesson using one of George Ezra’s songs produced a great response from the children. Asonat showed that she could easily be a famous film director one day.  She was able to explain the meaning behind every single frame of the video.  Asonat even surprised herself with her extraordinary ability. “I don’t know how I know but I know.”

The children once again achieved the highest level of learning in computing by combining services to create and share their ideas and feelings.  Avicii’s new release ‘Heaven’ was the inspiration for an iMovie project. The children imported the song onto a timeline and then created a video to accompany the music. They selected images from Google but also learned to use the screen recording facility on iPads to capture animations that they made using Brush Ninja and Hopscotch. ◢ ◤ would have been proud of their tributes and creativity.

On Wednesday we formed a band: a Garageband band.  Once the children had chosen the first two songs for our setlist, they were taught to tune their iPad guitars to the right key so that they could play along to Avicii’s Bad Reputation and Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds.  4MM showed incredible concentration and outstanding musical talent.  Apologies to our neighbours Miss Judge and Mr Ash for being so loud but we sounded great.  We’ll be headlining at Glastonbury by this time next year.

We’ve been writing our own Viking sagas. We watched some BBC video clips to gain inspiration. For our saga we had to include a setting for where it would take place, introduce characters, include a quest, surprise twist, solution and how the story ends. For example, I was writing about Asgard. My setting was based outside the palace. My characters were Freya, Odin, Loki and Frigg, and I made my own characters called Hevean and Heven.

Our class coped with the end of year tests really well.  The children tried very hard to do their very best and showed resilience and determination in abundance.  Layth is our Learner of the Week for demonstrating good skills in reflectiveness when he was faced with some stressful challenges during assessment week.  He was able to step back using calmness and wisdom to choose a path that has helped him to be very successful in his tests.

Sumdog Superstars are Ethan and Yunus, and Hafsa is the Symphony Maths Magician. Daisy, Asonat, Enzo and Rewan are the Lexia Legends but the list of children who have met their weekly Lexia target is getting longer and longer.  Well done and thank you to Hafsa, Leyana, Aayah, Alliyah, Beltina and Ethan.

We also owe a huge thank you to all the children that helped make our ice cream stall at the Summer Fair so successful.  We made a huge profit and we learned that some of our pupils could sell sand to the Sahara.  Beltina will be a hugely successful businesswoman.  Invest in her company.  She will make you rich.

Have a great weekend

Aayah             Miss Mason          Mr Moore

PS: The Woofer of the Week title has been stolen by a very bad boy.  He has not been allowed to use stairs for over 10 weeks due to his surgery but last night he rediscovered the strength to revive old habits when he tried to snaffle his pack leader’s midnight snack. #ElvisLives


Friday 17th April

Hi everyone

Week 1 of our Arts Fortnight has been an amazing experience and far more rewarding and fulfilling than playing the online version.  Led by the imagination of our children, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Lynch are guiding us along a fantastic journey of creativity and expression through language, art and dance.

On Monday we began to see things that we have looked at everyday but never really noticed. We spent time exploring the environment at the front of school and in Edward’s words we discovered “a kaleidoscope of colour”.  Inspired by the plants, trees, textures and tones in our grounds, the children made stencils to highlight and frame the natural beauty in our locality that is often overlooked.

Developing stamina when reading is a vitally important target for all pupils, as is the ability to summarise what they have read.  Y4MM worked on these targets on Tuesday when we used ‘Steve Dawson’ techniques to collect the key facts from texts about trees by putting aside unnecessary information.  We then created a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between silver birch, rowan and hawthorn trees and in the afternoon the artist Andy Goldsworth was our inspiration when we made our own natural art creations using daisies, dandelions and long grasses.

The rich colours and textures of our natural world disappeared on Wednesday when we imagined where a black hole might take us. This provided a great opportunity for 4MM to use precise yet adventurous vocabulary by selecting powerful nouns, adjectives and verbs when sharing their thoughts and feelings.

On Thursday we explored feelings, images and landscapes in greater depth.  Our task was to choose an image from a range of pictures of the environment that resonated with how we felt. Once we had made our decision we had to describe how our choice symbolised and captured our thoughts and emotions.  We thought about what we could see, hear, feel and smell at the place to which we had been drawn.  During the afternoon session we used photosensitive paper to create wallpaper style prints by first designing a print on plain paper, and then reproducing it on special light sensitive paper. After waiting 5 minutes for the sun to work it’s magic, it was then placed it water for just 1 minute and then left to dry.  We started to experiment with creating simple patterns in a similar way to how wallpaper is designed.

Today we composed more sentences to describe how it feels to actually enter the black hole. Plenty of exceptionally strong writing has already been produced so after some editing and redrafting next week we are sure to have some incredibly compelling and powerful reading material for you.

Throughout this week, Mrs Lynch has been helping us to use choreography to interpret the ideas and feelings we have spoken, written and captured in our artwork.  We have a week to refine and rehearse but the dance sequences that she has helped us devise so far are already beautiful, creative, intriguing and completely captivating.

Thanks Mrs. J and Mrs. L.  You’ve found the essence of Y4MM.

Learner of the week is Mayako.  She has thrived on being given the time and space to collect her thoughts over the past few days.  She has shown depth in her thinking and strength in her vocabulary when she found the black hole.  Mayako felt ‘satisfied’ at first but then she was ‘hypnotised’ she talked about entering a world where only bad people went and they could only get out once they had redeemed themselves and became good once again.

Lexia Legend is Zain, Sumdog Superstar is Yunus, and our TT Rockstar is Gledia who became a Rock Legend on Sunday.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason  + Mr Moore

PS: The Woofer of the Week title goes to Elvis.  He’s had a really ruff time since his operation but this week he has made some pawsome progress.  Yesterday Elvis went to Roundhay Park and walked round the small lake using all four of his zoomers.  He met up with some of his pack who were quick assure him that he’s still king of the kennel.

Friday 11th January

Happy New Year everyone! It’s good to be back.

We asked the children what they had enjoyed about this week. Beltina was excited about using SketchIO to paint online. Alex has found Bill’s New Frock (our class novel) very entertaining, and Demi Leigh has been fascinated by the science of sound and by the shape of animals’ ears. Gledia said that she enjoyed Mr Spink’s lesson about bottled water because it helped her to learn how to help take care of our planet. Rewan’s favourite lesson was when he learned how to sign his name using British sign language. Leyana’s highlight of the week was learning to use Google Sheets to play bingo, and Harvey and Aayah really enjoyed making a PicCollage to explain what they are thankful for. We are thankful for a really lovely class.

Our favourite moment of the week is when we agreed that Aaron should be Learner of the Week. He has made an exceptional start to 2019. He is full of enthusiasm for learning and this has helped him to make excellent progress in maths lessons and in particular with instant recall of multiplication facts. We have also been really pleased with Harvey’s progress on Symphony Maths. He has earned 1073 points and has completed 657 tasks since he started using the program. Yunus and Faheem are the Sumdog Superstars, and Tyreece and Gledia are the Lexia Legends for this week. Zain will need a special prize for getting to the end of level 18. This rarely happens in Year 4.

Please let us know if you would like a printed copy of this week’s homework.

WK1 10.1.19 Homework grid

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

The Romans are coming!

Some people say that Allerton CE Primary School is built on or near the site of an old Roman camp. Some people claim to have heard the sound of marching Roman soldiers in the middle of the night. Today, the site was revisited by Roman soldiers, druids and Iceni warriors and could be seen through the autumn mists and rain.

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Friday 23rd November

Hi everyone

Our plans for shields were put into practice on Monday when we worked with Matthew. He showed us how to transform a sheet of foamboard into a tough defensive weapon by using pieces of paper tape, glue and water. Daisy worked with great care and will have no worries about whether her shield will stand up to an attack.

We have been dividing (and conquering) in all our maths lessons this week. Many children have found this topic a lot less scary than it used to be due to the improvement in their knowledge of times tables. Aaron really pleased us by tackling his work with no problem and by showing confidence in his ability to succeed. Hard work is paying off.

Next week we will find out if the children have been successful in the job applications for work in Ancient Rome. The whole class put massive effort into this task in which they has to make notes, write, edit and redraft their reasons as to why they would be the perfect match for the Empire’s employment opportunities.

The concept of incarnation has been our RE focus. We have talked about interesting ideas and discussed complex concepts, which are at the centre of Christian belief.The responses of the children prove that they are capable of considering and contemplating some very deep questions. Adrika’s contributions to conversations, her answers to some very big questions and her written work really impressed us.

Gledia did a fabulous job today when she pretended to be Miss Mason for Takeover Day. The classroom atmosphere was the same as ever: beautifully calm but also busy and productive. Thank you Gledia for being a fantastic pupil and also a fantastic teacher too.

Please click on the link to see the homework for this week.


+ a Sumdog competition.

Sumdog Superstars are Faheem and Annie for the amount of time that they have put in and for the number of correct answers. Lexia Legends are Zain with 53 units and Davina who earned 38 units.

Learners of the Week

Tyreece was virtually giving off sparks today when he told us about what he knew about electricity, and he wrote his job application with great care and independence. His behaviour is always excellent. Tyreece has also achieved his Lexia targets for every week that he has been in Y4. Well done and congratulations to Tyreece. We are immensely proud of you.

Out of all the pupils at ACE, Aayah is probably the one who smiles the most. She probably also receives more smiles than anyone in school. Aayah is considerate, kind and she always has a positive attitude, which is incredibly contagious. She gives maximum effort when working and shows us that every moment of every day should be appreciated. Thank you so much Aayah.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore