Friday 19th May

Hi everyone

This afternoon, Y5 were busy learning about fire safety so Y4 were able to take their music lesson. Mr. Mercer taught us how to play the Katy Perry song ‘Firework’ , which we learned very quickly. Ashley, Shams, Ibran Kai, Skye, Leo and too many more to mention showed incredible talent and enthusiasm for this music.

Our class novel, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, is proving to be very popular. The children have really enjoyed reading the first two chapters and I have enjoyed asking them philosophical questions about what Charlotte did. Niall’s answers would suggest that he’s on a mission to rid the world from injustice.

Mr. Bruce gave us quite a challenge at Allerton High School on Thursday afternoon.   He asked us to compile a script for the BBC microbit which would alert us when a goal by setting off a buzzer. The children had to write and download the program to the microbit, and then attach wires to connect it to a model of a football net and posts.

Paarshva has been on top form this week. His attitude has been exceptional. Not only has he tried to do his best in every subject, he has also encouraged all his classmates to do their best by supporting, encouraging and helping them with their work at every opportunity. Perhaps what pleases me most of all is that Paarshva has been really happy, and he has proved that service to others feeds our soul and ennobles us. 1st Learner of the Week.

According to Miss Wright we have some talented cricketers in our class. I knew about Paarshva, Leo, Adwaya, Sithika and Matthew but apparently we have plenty more. Skye, Eric, Chayse, Sophie and Kai were also brilliant today. Having already taught an England footballer, my ambition is to teach an England cricketer. It will happen.

Whilst on the subject of sport, I must say how pleased I am with Aisha, Keagan and Faizan who represented ACE so well in a multi-sports competition. Of course they showed great sporting talent and came home with medals, but I want to mention how especially proud I am of Faizan. Apparently, he noticed that a child for a different school was really struggling to understand the rules of some of the games, so he went out of his way to be a mentor to her, and helped her to take part and to really enjoy the day. Thank you Faizan. 2nd Learner of the Week.

Sumdog superstars: Daniel, Charlie, Eric, Keagan, Leo, Karam and Shams. In the past seven days Daniel has answered 2004 questions with 94% accuracy. Thank you to Maisie for working on Sumdog today even though she was too poorly to be at school. Well done also to Adwaya for making the Y6 children sit a little less comfortably in their Maths lessons. Miss Judge is very pleased with the new addition to her class.

Homework: mental arithmetic books, line graphs worksheet and adverbs worksheet. I’ll post the spellings to Google classroom tonight and print out copies on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Mr. Moore


Friday 12th May

Hey everyone

Celebration was our theme in Y4 today. Our fortnight with Mrs. Johnston culminated in a performance of our Selfish Giant dance and the opportunity to review the fabulous work in English and art that we have produced during such a short space of time. The children also demonstrated some of the reading skills and collage techniques that they had learned. Well done to Ibran, Maisie, Adwaya, Paarshva, Aisha, Sophie and Melika for teaching your mums how to use computers to create stunning artwork. Thank you so much to all the parents and relatives who were able to attend and also to our special guests Miss Allison and Miss Henstock. Miss Allison not only choreographed the brilliant dance routine that the children performed so well, she also stayed to see their artwork and she gave up her own time to hear the children read their writing to her.  As for Miss Henstock, well I tried not to raise an eyebrow when she appeared so unexpectedly but the children didn’t hold back their emotion at all. They greeted her with uncontrollable joy and excitement, and it made a special day even more memorable and wonderful.  I want to also thank Mr. Gilfoyle for attending our performance. He has been at ACE almost as long as me, and so he has seen your children grow since Reception but today he saw them bloom.

Our final piece of writing for the week was a letter of apology from the Selfish Giant. Too many children to mention excelled but the quality of Chayse’s, Keagan’s and Aisha’s work was beyond anything that they have achieved previously. I am immensely proud of their efforts.

Keagan is my Learner of the Day. From the moment he stepped into school this morning he looked like he was ready to conquer the world! I have never seen him show such fierce concentration and determination. He showed that he really understands what Mrs. Johnston has told us all week – progress and learning doesn’t just happen, we have to really want it.

Every single child in my class has given more than ever over the past fortnight but no one has matched the effort and attitude shown by Aisha. Impeccable behaviour plus a burning desire to succeed. I’ve never seen her smile so much. Mrs. Johnston and I are both immeasurably proud.

Apart from Sumdog, Lexia and Reading Eggspress challenges, the only homework for this weekend is to reflect on what a great week we’ve had and all that we have learned.

I’ve saved my most important words for my last sentence.

Mrs. Johnston, you make us ACE

Mr. Moore

Thursday 11th May

Phew! The Kushner collages are just about complete. Today Mrs. Johnston taught us about how to block print, a technique that has lifted the quality of the work even higher. Joy was the word Mrs. Johnston used to describe the look on Melika’s face when she saw the results of her first block print. Thank you Skye for being the only child that I have ever taught who is actually learning to be tidier when working, though I have to admit that it may not be entirely due to my influence. Well done should also be said to Sophie today. We all know that she is a talented artist and so accepting challenge and acting on advice is never easy when we are asked to aim even higher.

Leo amazed us with his superb cutting skills during the Art lessons today and he and Kai made a great partnership. We were also delighted to see Paarshva and Faizan work so closely together as a team. They were really listening to each other, exchanging ideas and supporting and encouraging each other. It’s an old saying but it’s still true: There’s no ‘I’ in team and Together Everyone Achieves More.

Hopefully my pupils aren’t totally baffled as to why I have used capital letters in strange places in the last sentence, but today they had to really ponder over the way in which they were used in the story of the Selfish Giant. Obviously, Y4 know that capital letters start sentences and all proper nouns, but there was much confusion today when we investigated some key vocabulary from the text. Words like ‘frost’ and ‘hail’ had the temerity to start themselves with a capital letter even though they were all common nouns and weren’t used to start sentences! Thanks to the combined brainpower of Adwaya, Leo, Kai, Isaac, Shams, Ashley and Matthew we managed to figure out that personification was at work. Ask your child if they can spot where I’ve used it in the last few sentences.

Maisie deserves a very special mention today for producing a Kushner inspired picture using Revelation Natural Art software. She patiently watched me demonstrate skills and methods but all the while I think she was secretly thinking, “Let me get on with it. I think I can do better.” After 20 minutes of independent work she had produced an image to prove that I could learn from her.

The Learners of the Day are Leo and Kai. They demonstrated ability and strengths in some key qualities: reasoning, sharing, explaining, creating and performing.

Please try to join us at school tomorrow afternoon from 1:30 when your children will showcase their fabulous fortnight of enrichment in the Arts.

Mr. Moore


Wednesday 10th May

We only had half a day with Mrs Johnston today and so the pressure was on to make serious progress with our artwork. Many children have found it hard to learn new art skills and to break away from what they know. Some are drawing and painting what they see in their head rather than what they see with their eyes. Despite these hurdles, most of the collages are now looking really good and have potential to be amazing.

According to Miss Linsley, this afternoon’s RSPB visitors were delighted by the enthusiasm of my class. Unsurprisingly, they showed how much they love animals, and Ibran and Matthew were particularly keen to do something to improve the school grounds so that wildlife can flourish even more.

Tomorrow we’ll be putting the finishing touches to our Robert Kusher work, we’ll write letters of apology from the Selfish Giant, and we will rehearse our dance for the final time before sharing all our work in our Friday celebration with parents and families.

Learners of the Day are Adwaya and Olivia. I saw them ‘in the pit’, I saw them listen to advice and I saw them act on it. Tomorrow I want to see even more children making a ‘learning leap’.

The Sumdog leaderboard looks a lot greener today.  A special thank you Daniel, Sophie and Melika who have been putting in extra time before and after school.

Mr. Moore

Tuesday 9th May

Hi everyone

Hopefully by now your child will have explained to you what personification means. After reading a few short poems we understood: personification happens when we give human attributes to something non-human. Apparently, there is an artist called Jack Frost, clock hands fidget and the wind is a wolf! Well done to Shams for being on fire, for creating the first spark of the day and set us ablaze.

Kai and Niall helped Mrs. Johnston teach a superb lesson about how to use speech marks when we write dialogue. Her expert demonstration and explanation was aided by the boys’ brilliant improvisational acting skills.


I’m not sure how but it seems that in 24 hours our painting and collage skills have improved by 100% (check my figures Adwaya). Mrs. Johnston and I were delighted and also amazed to see such rapid progress. After lunch, the children worked in pairs to create a collage based on the work of Robert Kushner. There was some excellent discussion and negotiation. Perhaps working collaboratively made the difference but I can assure you that we’d have more paint on ourselves than on the paper if it weren’t for Mrs. Johnston.

In the final session of the day representatives of Manchester University visited us. They had last seen my class in Y2 and had come today to see the progression in their reading skills and in their attitudes towards learning. The children did a reading test and completed a well-being survey. As their teacher, I was also expected to complete a survey about my class. What a pleasure it was to be able to give so much positive feedback. It made me realise how few problems we have with behaviour, and how kind and lovely the children are to each other. They’re even nice to me sometimes.

Learners of the Day? Difficult decision, but I’ll choose Shakirah and Isaac. Constant effort and always engaged in their learning.

Please remind your children not to neglect their maths skills. The names on the top of the Sumdog leaderboard gave me another reason to smile today.

Mr M




The First Week In May!

Our first ‘pass it on’ cafe in May saw Mr Spink tucking into a delicious Iranian rice dish.


Then 5SK continued their search for the perfect pakora. We decided on a bit of extra chilli and think we’ve perfected our recipe. Did you have the chance to buy a bag of them in the playground?


4DM have been preparing a selection of jam and lemon tarts for their celebration event on Friday 12th. Some people found pastry making challenging, however the finished tarts look delicious!

Monday 8th May

Today Y4’s first task of the week matched the change in the weather. We began the day with a ‘cold write’ (independent writing with no pre teaching). I asked the class to write letters of complaint to the Selfish Giant in the role of one of children who he had chased out of his garden. Sithika, Camron, Karam, Daniel, Isaac, Aisha, Melika, Maisie and Adwaya have all produced work that I’m sure will please Mrs. Johnston. A special mention is needed for Matthew for including a superb final line in his letter, ‘PS: Come down to our village. We’ve got a therapist.’

The development of art skills through studying the work of Robert Kushner was a prime focus today. Painting and collage activities revealed that we still have a lot to learn about brush control and creativity with mixed media. Fortunately, Sophie was on hand to demonstrate how to be selective and thoughtful when creating a collage, and Daniel was there to show the value of good listening skills, determination and effort.

Learners of the Day: Daniel and Matthew. Pay attention Y4! If you want to know what you should be doing and how you should behave just take your example from these two.

Mr Moore

Y4 DM Friday 5th May

Hello everyone

Our first week in the Art Studio has flown by. As you know, time flies when you’re having fun Y4 but the clock hands also spin faster when you’re making incredible progress and every second is filled with opportunities to learn and to shine.

Today Y4 children wrote internal monologues in the role of the Selfish Giant.  In order to do this successfully the children had to consider very carefully how to start their sentences and how to link their ‘thoughts’.  They had to decide how best to combine short sentences with more complex ones without losing the realism of the way in which our inner voice speaks. Congratulations to Chayse who produced some exceptionally good writing, as well as Karam, Aliyah and Aisha.

The dance element of our project is also progressing wonderfully well.  Miss Allison is delighted with progress so far and has recognised that she’s working with a class with huge talent.  Of course Kai, Ashley and Niall were outstanding but every single pupil performed really well.  Olivia, Skye, Shams, Aliyah, Sophie and Maisie proved that plenty of girls in Y4 have dance skills to challenge the boys.

The art of Robert Kushner was our inspiration for this afternoon’s lesson in painting.  The children explored the colours and tones that he used when creating the foliage and flowers in his work.  Faizan showed tremendous care, focus and attention to detail.

Thank you as well to Mrs Walker who worked with so many of my class on the culinary aspect of our project.  I’m pleased to say that my class is one of the bravest in school when it comes to tasting something new.

Learners of the Day are Chayse and Melika.  Both of them were determined to produce their finest work ever.  Of course, this was achieved, but more importantly they proved to themselves that even Mt Everest isn’t tall enough for them.

Homework – Maths sheets (x tables and graphs) plus the next page in the mental arithmetic books. Spellings for everyone = blooming, serenade, blossom, laden, beautiful, scattered, lush, aromatic.  Also, please ask your child for the definitions of these words.

Have a good weekend

Mr Moore

Thursday 4th May

Hi everyone.

For the past two and a half days we’ve been working with Mrs. Johnston in the arts studio. In only a short space of time the children have already produced some excellent work in art, dance and all areas of English. Without doubt, many have found some of the activities very challenging, and many have found themselves in ‘the pit’. What a terrific place to be! When we’re in ‘the pit’ you can be certain that some serious learning is going to happen. Having shown Mrs. Johnston some of the ways in which Y4 can start their sentences, hopefully she’ll notice that I’ve used them in this first paragraph.

The highlights so far – Charlie’s attentiveness, Matthew’s quiet kindness, Kai’s dance moves, Eric’s happy feet, Keagan’s imagination, Olivia and Alexia Rae’s determination, Sophie’s creativity, Daniel’s patience, Shakirah’s confidence and Skye for showing that she is an ACE pupil in every way.

Two children have stood out more this week. Aisha has astounded Mrs. J with her perfect behaviour and with her attitude to learning. Her desire to improve and to impress has been relentless. Ashley needs to be saluted for ‘looking in the mirror’ and choosing to shine today.

I’m so pleased that my children have had the chance to show to another teacher why I am so proud of them.

More from Moore tomorrow.