Friday 1st March

Hi everyone

What a wonderful week of learning, fun and amazing experiences!

We began the week by finding out about our levels of self-control. The challenge was to hold a piece of chocolate for 10 minutes without eating it. Those children who were able to resist temptation were rewarded with a second piece of chocolate. Only one pupil failed to pass the test but at least he learned a valuable lesson.

Brush Ninja is a free online animation program. We used it to create animated gifs of a sea creature that we might find at The Deep. Later on, we continued with an ocean theme by researching where different aquatic animals come from and then marking their locations on a map of the world.

Fractions are fun is the maths message for this week. Our pupils are making really good progress in adding and subtracting fractions, and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

We are also very pleased with the progress in writing that Y4 have made. They wrote very powerfully persuasive speeches based on the polar bears’ quest for sea ice completely independently. Cohen’s especially impressed us, as did Alana’s, Harvey’s and Ethan’s, who applied everyone that they have been taught in writing lessons this term.

On Tuesday afternoon went to the Grand Theatre to watch a performance of The Magic Flute. It was a superb production. The cast was brilliant, the backdrops and set designs were stunning, and of course the music was superb. It was a great experience for the children but our favourite part of the opera was when our pupils started to sing along with one of the arias.

Thank you to Mrs Lynch for helping Y4 to start work on creating blue planet inspired dances. It was simply beautiful to see the children letting of self-consciousness and expressing themselves. They choreographed their own parts of the dance in groups and also learnt some parts altogether.

A wonderful week was completed by a terrific trip to The Deep. The children were brimming with excitement and full of smiles all day. There were countless moments of awe and wonder, even for the grown ups! Having met so many fabulous fishy friends and amazing aquatic acquaintances, our campaign in school against plastic pollution in the oceans seems more important than ever.

Learners of the Week are Aaron and Harvey for their resilience and their determination to understand how to add and subtract fractions. They have both developed their independence and have really impressed us this week with their positive attitude and have-a-go spirit! Sumdog Superstars are Enzo and Layth, and our TT Rockstars are Davina and Ethan. Lexia Legends are Gledia and Zain.

Have a great weekend everyone

Miss Mason + Mr Moore


Some of our pupils have expressed concern about stories of upsetting online sites and internet ‘crazes’. The police, the Safer Internet Centre, and the BBC have stated that the latest story is being driven by ‘fake news’ and we should avoid causing unnecessary alarm. However, children are still able to accidentally view worrying content relating to this theme through watching videos on YouTube, WhatsApp and other forms of social media.  Please be aware of the latest e-safety advice by visiting the Parent Zone website or the Safer Internet Centre, and please always know where your children are when they are online.


Friday 15th February

Hi everyone

The week began with some practical maths work. Every child was given a container of 12 Skittles that they sorted into different colours. They put their data into a spreadsheet and then shared the information as pie charts. Strangely, the sweets had disappeared by the end of the lesson.

There was a buzz of excitement all around school this week and it wasn’t totally due to raised sugar levels.  On Wednesday afternoon every child in KS2 became a member of a council and gained the opportunity to give their views on how we can help improve our school, our environment, our community and the wider world.  The atmosphere and the feedback was fabulous. We really enjoyed working with our Collective Worship team and the Computing group.  Every child and every teacher in school felt energised by a really positive afternoon.

Opera North worked with 4MM on Thursday.  The children learned about Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute in preparation for our trip to the theatre.  The themes of the story were explained through live music and choreography.

Today 4MM looked at the work of the painter Richard Pearce and then used acrylics to produce their own paintings in his style.  Harvey said, “I feel like a real artist now.”  When we hear children say things like this, we are reminded that we are immensely lucky to have such a great job.

We received more words of encouragement this week from Layth who said, “I thought maths would get harder and harder but it’s getting easier and easier.”

Congratulations to Leah and her horse Minnie for earning her Level 1 Think Like A Pony award.  She did this independently, “all on my own, with no help”, which really is a very impressive achievement.  We are very proud.

Once again, the Lexia Legends Zain and Faheem were unconquerable but Demi-Leigh, Cohen, Alex, Harvey also delighted us with their haul of units.  Sumdog Superstars are Tyreece, Aaron and Hafsa, and TT Rockstar is Asonat.

Learner of the Week is Demi-Leigh.  She contributes immensely to 4MM through her quiet, calm and hard-working example.  Thank you Demi-Leigh.

The announcement of a new member of 4MM was greeted with huge interest and great excitement.  Hello Fitz and welcome to ACE!

Have a great holiday everyone.

Miss Mason and Mr Moore

Friday 8th February

Hi everyone

On Monday the children proved that there is no limit to their ability to learn computing skills. They composed music in Garageband, dropped it into iMovie and then added the painting that they had made using Sketchpad. The children then saved their work as MP4s and uploaded their files to Google Classroom. It’s hard to believe that our pupils are only 8 or 9 years old. Imagine what they will be able to do in 10 years time!

Even more encouragingly for our beautiful blue planet, the children have been sharpening their ability to articulate their wonderfully positive and caring attitudes towards the environment. Immense effort has been put into writing, redrafting and rehearsing their protest speeches. Our pupils have learned to share their passion more effectively by using the IRIS video system to review performance. They have noticed how fluency, volume and pace are critical elements of powerful public speaking.

The Maths No Problem theme for this week was simplifying fractions. Thandeka has found this topic to be simpler to learn than almost anyone because of her excellent knowledge of times table facts.

Our new class novel is ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo. We read chapter 1 and applied detective skills to work out the author’s intention, his viewpoint, and why he had chosen specific language and vocabulary.

Lexia Legends are Zain (as usual!), and Layth.  Sumdog Superstars are Tyreece and Aaron, and TT Rockstar is Leyana. We are particularly proud of Leyana. Her new status as TT busker is pretty much the exact same job that Mr Moore had 35 years ago.

Learner of the Week is Gledia. Her recent absence from Y4 has made us really appreciate how much she contributes to the well-being of our class. We missed her more than she probably knows.

Thank you to Aayah and Alliyah for helping to write today’s blog post.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore






Friday 1st February

Hi everyone

The joy and frustration of the democratic process created a roar of elation and despair from the children that measured over 100Db. We’ve been using a probe to measure temperature, light and sound levels in the classroom, so be assured readers, that’s an accurate figure, and we weren’t even discussing Brexit. The children took part in a democratic vote in which they were asked to complete a survey about their favourite choices of food, animal, lesson etc. Their opinions were collected and counted using Google Forms, but the decision of the majority was not as popular as expected. It turns out that our favourite colour is blue, our favourite movie is Frozen, and our favourite clothing is a dress! We learned that although democracy is a fair system, we don’t always get what we expect.

On Tuesday we began writing speeches to protest against plastic pollution. After days of researching, redrafting and refining, Thandeka, Cohen, Alliyah, Ethan, Harvey, Layth, Aaron, Aayah, Davina and Alana produced some superbly persuasive work. Next week, using the magic of green screen, the children will read their speeches to the House of Commons.

Our friends from Miss Edwards’ Reception class came to visit us this week. They told us about how they were planning to make the school a better place by solving the problem of litter.

It looks like this precious blue planet might be in safe hands in the future. Thank you Asonat for creating an image to illustrate how special and precious our world really is.

In our Maths lessons we have had a successful start in learning about proper and improper fractions, and, with some help from Layth, we were able to complete our previous topic by creating very precise line graphs.

Thank you Mrs Walker for giving us the chance to try sushi this week. Most of the class really enjoyed trying new foods but well done to Beltina for being honest enough to admit that she found chopsticks really hard to use, and that if she had to use them everyday she would probably end up starving.

We are really pleased that the number of children scoring 14/14 in the weekly spelling tests is increasing. The list of star spellers for this week is Faheem, Rewan, Enzo, Cohen, Zain, Alliyah, Beltina, Demi-Leigh and Leyana. Sumdog Superstars are Yunus and Hafsa, Lexia Legends are Zain, Tyreece and Davina, and our TT RockStar is also Davina.

Learners of the Week are Daisy, Harvey and Aayah. Daisy is flowering right now. Her persistence when tasks are tough, her resilience when things go wrong is a wonderfully beautiful example to us all. Well done to Harvey for showing determination to move forward with his learning. When he said he wanted his work to be perfect he made us immensely proud. Aayah has been chosen because she’s been challenging the established rules of maths. Apparently it is possible to give more than 100%. Somehow Aayah has been maintaining a positive attitude that should be impossible. Congratulations Aayah, you’ve scored 11 out of 10 for being wonderful.

Wk4 Homework 30.1.19

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 25th January

Hi everyone

Sam the Soundman gave us a super start to the week.  His visit to our classroom was fantastic.  He involved everyone in lots of amazing experiments which helped us to learn and understand almost everything about the science of sound.  We learned about vibration and volume, amplifiers and acoustics, sound bridges sound waves, and of course, pitch.  Sam taught us about pitch by challenging Daisy’s hypothesis in every way possible.  Daisy suggested that small things make high-pitched sounds and big things make low sounds.  Sam tried to prove her wrong by testing little objects and large objects in the forms of solids, liquids and gases.  Whatever Sam tried, he could not find a way to break Daisy’s rule, unless he took us into the vacuum of space, where we wouldn’t hear anything because there would be no air particles to carry the sound.


Sam also explained how to make really impressive musical instruments from recycled materials.  The secret to making a xylophone is to find the node, the part of the wood that resonates most clearly and harmonically when struck. He showed us that we can even use a drainpipe and a flipflop to create some super sounds.

We had another visitor in school this week, our diocesan advisor Ms Tringham.  It was our turn to teach and share some amazing things.  Davina and Alliyah ‘wowed’ her with how eloquently they spoke about the importance of learning about values.  They showed her the very special book in which we record our work, and also explained that they had to create a rota because so many children wanted to contribute to it.  Thank you to Layth, Leyana, Thandeka, Beltina, Demi-Leigh, Gledia, Annie and Aayah for being such a credit to ACE.

Y4MM have also been brilliant with maths.  We have been constructing and reading bar graphs with great success.  Next week we’ll be learning about line graphs.  This next step because many children can study the fabulous charts that show their incredible Lexia progress.

Lexia Legends are Zain and Tyreece.  They’ve worked hard to make sure that they gained more units than anyone else.  Sumdogs Superstars are Yunus and Leah, TT Rockstar is Faheem, and the Learners of the Week are Layth and Thandeka.  Layth has kept everyone smiling this week with his brilliant behaviour, remarkable resilience, and of course, plenty of wonderful work.  Thandeka has been chosen for extraordinary effort in every lesson and her example to others exceeds expectation.  During Sam’s Sound Workshop she showed so much super science knowledge that we won’t be surprised if she becomes Dr Thandeka one day.

We used the image of our precious planet as the stimulus to develop writing skills this week.  Inspirational speeches for Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Dalton Sherman provided extra motivation for us when we wrote ‘imagine x3’ sentences.  Cohen delighted us by absorbing this knowledge amazingly quickly and then applying it to create some superb sentences.

Homework for this week ….

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason   Mr Moore


Friday 18th January

Hi everyone.

This week we received a message from NASA written in ASCII code. Once deciphered, we read our instruction – Planet Earth is in danger! Act quickly and educate the world!  We immediately began to think of ideas about how we could help.  Next week we will decide upon our action plan to save our precious planet.

Thank you Mrs Burrows for accompanying Beltina, Alliyah, Davina and Leah to the Young Voices celebration where they sang beautifully and represented our school wonderfully.

Thank you has been said a lot this week in 4MM. The children made videos to show their thankfulness for all their blessings and today they wrote cards to express their gratitude.  Mrs Brown will cry (happy tears) when she reads what Enzo has written for her.

Enzo and Leah are our Learners of the Week.  Enzo has completed every task that he has been given and his attitude has been terrifically positive.  His resourcefulness and resilience has been very impressive and his happiness is definitely contagious.  We are also extremely proud of Leah’s achievements this week.  She used the ‘I wonder, I notice, I think’ strategy incredibly successfully to produce some independent writing that utterly amazed us.

Asonat and Zain are the Lexia Legends for earning more units than could ever be expected, Sumdog Superstars are Yunus and Tyreece for the most minutes, TT RockStar is Daisy for answering multiplication questions faster than anyone else.

Wk2 Homework

Thank you Y4.

Miss Mason   Mr Moore






Friday 11th January

Happy New Year everyone! It’s good to be back.

We asked the children what they had enjoyed about this week. Beltina was excited about using SketchIO to paint online. Alex has found Bill’s New Frock (our class novel) very entertaining, and Demi Leigh has been fascinated by the science of sound and by the shape of animals’ ears. Gledia said that she enjoyed Mr Spink’s lesson about bottled water because it helped her to learn how to help take care of our planet. Rewan’s favourite lesson was when he learned how to sign his name using British sign language. Leyana’s highlight of the week was learning to use Google Sheets to play bingo, and Harvey and Aayah really enjoyed making a PicCollage to explain what they are thankful for. We are thankful for a really lovely class.

Our favourite moment of the week is when we agreed that Aaron should be Learner of the Week. He has made an exceptional start to 2019. He is full of enthusiasm for learning and this has helped him to make excellent progress in maths lessons and in particular with instant recall of multiplication facts. We have also been really pleased with Harvey’s progress on Symphony Maths. He has earned 1073 points and has completed 657 tasks since he started using the program. Yunus and Faheem are the Sumdog Superstars, and Tyreece and Gledia are the Lexia Legends for this week. Zain will need a special prize for getting to the end of level 18. This rarely happens in Year 4.

Please let us know if you would like a printed copy of this week’s homework.

WK1 10.1.19 Homework grid

Have a great weekend.

Miss Mason    Mr Moore

Friday 14th December

Hi everybody

Miss Mason and Mr Moore haven’t been very well this week so I offered to help them by writing the blog today.

This week in Y4MM we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. The spirit of Advent has inspired us, and we have been learning the Christmas carols for the service at St John’s church on Tuesday.

On Wednesday 4MM went on a trip to the Leeds City Museum. If you ask me, we had an amazing time, we saw lots of sights and we created our own brilliant Roman mascot for our class.

I hope you all enjoyed looking round the Y4 Roman museum that we set up in school today. I also hope you enjoyed watching us battle the Iceni and druids. Everybody was amazing and Ethan never let go of our precious standard. Did you hear us shout “Roma victor”?

Learner of the Week is Gledia. She sets a great example to us every single day. Do you know how much Miss Mason and Mr Moore rely on her? Gledia makes them very proud.

Lexia Legends are Enzo, Asonat and Aayah. TT Rock Star for this week is me!

Have a great weekend.


Friday 7th December

Hi everyone

It’s been a week full of victories for Y4.

On Monday we proved that we were experts in electricity by adding a motor to a circuit and then turned it into a fan by adding a cardboard blade. Knowledge and learning was consolidated in a very cool way.

The battle against the druids and Iceni on Wednesday brought us glory, honour and, of course, victory. Despite being outnumbered, our 4th legion led by Ethan our centurion, fought with great bravery and discipline. The enemy was crushed and legends were born.

When we came to record the story of the battle, Asonat stood out by writing her recount with an impressive level of independence and clarity. Ethan and Rewan displayed more superb story telling skills when they wrote about the wise men’s visit to the baby Jesus. Precise punctuation, detail, description and emotion made their work stand out amongst many great pieces of writing.

The names of Alex, Beltina, Cohen, Ethan, Layth, Rewan and Zain were written into our Spelling Hall of Fame this week for their perfect scores of 10/10 in their spelling tests.

Somehow we’ve managed to fit in time to complete assessments for this term. The results of the grammar and reading tests are outstanding. It seems that our pupils are pretty good mathematicians too.

Today we discovered that we had beaten 16 classes to win the Leeds Sumdog competition and Layth was 7th out of 420 students. Kings of the kennel!

Learners of the Week are Ethan and Rewan for their attitudes and achievements. We can rely on them for effort, for engagement, for resilience and for taking the opportunity every day to make this an especially successful and memorable year.

Sumdog Superstars are Layth and Yunus for accuracy and learning time. Lexia Legends are Tyreece and Edward.

Next Wednesday we will be visiting the City Museum. Please let us know if you are able to accompany us.

On Friday afternoon we hope that parents, friends and families will be able to join us to help our class celebrate so very many triumphs.

Have a great weekend

Miss Mason and Mr Moore